September 28, 2020

Calendar highlights and upcoming events:
Nutrien, Local 15 (Nutrien) bargaining - Sept. 30, Oct. 1

The two sides meet Wednesday and Thursday in Regina. Members will be updated on the result of the meetings.

GSU collective agreements with Nutrien expired Dec. 31, 2019. Your GSU Local 15 bargaining committee members are Brian Cowen, Curtis Cousins, Lynn Shaw, GSU staff rep Steve Torgerson, and GSU staff rep/bargaining spokesperson Dale Markling.

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Semi-annual GSU Joint Executive Council meeting - Oct. 8

The union's governing body will tend to union business during a socially-distanced meeting in Regina. On-line attendance will also be available.

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GSU Local 6, Wild West Steelhead bargaining - Oct. 20

When the parties last met there was significant distance between the two sides with the company wanting a number of concessions and the members wanting improvements to language, benefits and wages. 

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Autumn 2020 membership meetings

In addition to usual union business, we've also got some constitutional amendments for your consideration and we need you to vote on whether you want to continue paying dues into the GSU Defense Fund.

The way we hold membership meetings will be different this autumn, and we're busy figuring out exactly how to take care of business while keeping everyone safe during Covid. If you have thoughts or suggestions on what type of meeting would work well for you, contact your GSU staff rep.

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Congratulations to Paula Adolph and Raelee Kearns - winners of GSU Local 2's A NIGHT WITH STARS country concert ticket contest

GSU members working in Viterra's head office had an exciting contest opportunity last week. The Local 2 executive held a contest for two winners of one ticket each to attend A Night with STARS drive-in country music concert at Regina’s Turvey Center. Each winner will be receiving a ticket for a carload to attend the concert supporting STARS's lifesaving work in Saskatchewan.

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to Local 2 executive members Sheila Tran and Howard Wilson for putting together another great contest for their members.

Keep your contact information current

Not all employers provide GSU with changes to member contact information. We rely on members to provide us with their address and email changes.

Send your updates to or contact your GSU staff rep toll-free at 1.866.522.6686 (Regina) or 1.855.384.7314 (Saskatoon) to update your contact information.

We have been getting calls from members who are feeling overworked, overwhelmed, and tired.

"If you are working too many hours or too many days in a row, check your collective agreement to find your maximum weekly work hours," advises staff rep Steve Torgerson. "And if you aren't on call, you don't have to answer your phone or volunteer to work."

"Working too much, being tired and overworked is a health and safety issue, so using the Employee and Family Assistance Plan or a company fatigue policy is also an option."

If you need assistance or clarification on your rights, don't hesitate to contact your GSU staff rep.

Need assistance? Just want advice? GSU can help. If you have questions about a problem or workplace issue, call us. Our services are provided to you as part of your union dues and there is no additional charge for assisting you.
Talking to yourself is normal - and it's good for you
Do you talk out loud to yourself? If you do, you’re not alone.

It’s absolutely normal to talk to yourself and, if you are having the right conversations, it can provide you with a number of positive and unexpected benefits.

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