March 11, 2020  

Calendar highlights and upcoming events:

Local 7 / Heartland bargaining - Regina, March 13
The Local 7 bargaining committee will be meeting a Company representative again on March 13 to continue the bargaining process. Your GSU Local 7 (Heartland) bargaining committee members are Heather Mackay, Tyler Sherwood, and GSU staff rep/committee spokesperson Donna Driediger. 

Local 5 / Western Producer bargaining - Saskatoon, March 24
GSU's collective agreement with The Western Producer expired July 31, 2019. Bargaining committee members representing GSU Local 5 are Sharlene Tetrault, Michelle Houlden, and GSU staff rep/bargaining spokesperson Dale Markling. Learn more here.

GSU biennial convention - Temple Gardens, Moose Jaw, March 19-21, 2020
Registration is now closed. 

CLC/SFL Spring School - Moose Jaw, April 20 - 24, 2020 
This is a GSU-sanctioned event*. Learn more by contacting your staff rep or checking out the school brochure here.

Prairie School for Union Women - Waskesiu Lake, June 7 - 11, 2020 
This is a GSU-sanctioned event*. Learn more by contacting your staff rep or checking out the school brochure here.

Contact your GSU staff rep if you are interested in attending or learning more about an event.

*GSU members who sign up and are approved to participate in GSU-sanctioned events will have their time off work, wages, and expenses covered in accordance with GSU's expense policies (child care included). GSU staff will also assist you with arranging the time off with your employer.


Last call for resolutions

Your Executive Committee is issuing their last call to all GSU members to, should they so choose, submit resolutions to be voted on at the upcoming GSU biennial policy convention on March 19-21, 2020. 

If there is something you would like to see implemented or changed, consider submitting a resolution to convention.

Almost anything can be the subject of a resolution, such as:
  • GSU issues (such as the GSU Defense Fund, workplace bullying, dues, or union direction or structure),
  • larger provincial issues (such as lobbying the government to ban asbestos, increasing the minimum wage, and improvements to Occupational Health and Safety regulations),
  • local issues in a community (such as road improvement, maintaining rural schools, and support for local organizations).

Resolutions submitted, debated, and adopted by vote at the GSU Convention become GSU policy.

Contact your GSU staff rep or an elected GSU officer if you have a resolution you would like to discuss or submit.  Resolutions can also be submitted to .

Please submit your resolutions by 5:00 p.m. on Friday, March 13.

GSU members at a terminal elevator who were frustrated over the never-ending uncertainty accompanying railway service and car loading contacted general secretary Hugh Wagner.  In addition to issues with scheduling and long hours, the members had beefs about the payroll system's response to a 16-hour loading shift that spanned two seaport calendar days.

Wagner sent an email to the employer, laying out the workers' frustrations and stating that if things didn't change he would advise affected members to exercise their rights to refuse to work more than 12 hours in a shift and 8 hours of overtime in a week.

The response from the employer was almost immediate. The payroll issue was sorted out the next day and steps were taken to make the next car loading schedule much more tolerable. In addition, GSU representatives will be meeting with company management to explore more permanent fixes to car loading issues.

"This is a prime example of the benefits of the right to union representation and collective agreement protection of the right to a balanced work life," Wagner said. "We always strive to produce better results for members and one of the keys to success is being willing to use the workplace rights that have been bargained into collective agreements with employers."

GSU helps sort things out.  When there are problems in the workplace there are many factors to consider. A GSU staff rep has access to information and can help gather all the facts and identify whether your rights have been violated.

These services are provided to you as part of your union dues. There is no additional charge for assisting you.

We're giving away two tickets to watch the Rush take on the Georgia Swarm 

The Rush will be ready for action on March 20 when they take on the Georgia Swarm in Saskatoon. If you would like a chance to be one of the chest thumpers in the stands, enter our contest for your chance to win two tickets. 

To be entered for your chance to win, send us your answer the following question:

What is something you loved in childhood but you can't stand now?

Get your answers in to by 9:00 a.m. Monday, March 16 and we will enter you in the draw.

Good luck!  

Have you been accepted into university or tech school? 
Are you a GSU member, spouse or dependant of a GSU member? 

If your answer is YES, you are eligible to apply for a GSU scholarship.

GSU is pleased to offer $2,000 scholarships to five students who demonstrate an ability and a passion to inspire positive change in their community.

The scholarship competition is open to GSU members, their spouses, and dependent children who have not previously won.

Deadline for receipt of applications is June 1, 2020.

Increase your odds of staying healthy:
wash your hands, stop touching your face

As flu season continues and the world struggles to contain the  COVID-19 virus, there are some simple things you can do to protect your health and the health of those around you.

Wash your hands often with  an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water

Washing your hands kills viruses that may be on your hands. It's always a good idea to wash your hands.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth

Every time you touch a surface you contaminate your hands. Don't give germs and viruses an easy passage into your body by touching your eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands. 

  Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze

When you cough or sneeze, tuck your nose and mouth into a flexed elbow or use a tissue. Immediately throw all tissues away and wash your hands.

The bottom line? Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands

Check out the World Health Organization video above for more information, or visit their website here for more information: WHO: Coronavirus disease (COVID19) advice for public  

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