November 8 , 2016  

Calendar highlights for November 7 to 11:
  • general secretary Hugh Wagner attended an arbitration on Monday
  • staff rep Dale Markling conducted member visitations on Monday and Tuesday
  • staff rep Lawrence Maier is meeting with a GSU member on Wednesday
  • GSU's annual membership meetings are underway. Watch your email for your meeting notice and check for updates
  • GSU offices will be closed on Friday, November 11 for Remembrance Day.

GSU's calendar of events is regularly updated and available on GSU's web page -    

Unionized CPS Branch Managers have until Nov. 21 to choose their option 

The memorandum of agreement (MOA) between CPS and GSU regarding the scope of the union bargaining unit was approved by a majority of those who voted in the recently completed annual meetings of GSU Local 15.
A key part of the MOA are the options available to unionized Branch Managers to remain within the scope of the union bargaining unit by electing to take a different job title and role at their current location (no change in pay) or to become an out-of-scope Branch Manager. If you are a Branch Manager and you haven't received a letter setting out your options, you can expect it will be delivered soon by your CPS Division GM.

"I encourage you to ask as many questions as you wish in order to equip yourself with the information you need to make a decision," said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. "By all means, follow up on the option letter with your CPS GM, and contact me or your GSU staff rep."

Branch Managers have until November 21, 2016 to select an option.

A member contacted GSU staff rep Steve Torgerson wondering how they would know if a vacation request had been accepted. 
In addition to talking the member through who to talk to and how best to do it, Torgerson shared some basic information about vacation and emphasized that vacation belongs to the  member  who earns it -  not  the employer. 

Do you have questions about a provision of your collective agreement?  
Contact a GSU staff representative.

No problem is too small. Identifying problems as soon as they arise benefits everyone. Call us toll-free if you have a question or a problem you would like addressed.  Call 1.866.522.6686 (Regina) or 1.855.384.7314 (Saskatoon).


We have a web page dedicated to GSU bargaining. 
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 Bargaining updates and reports are also available on GSU's web page -


Discovery Co-op

The two sides  met and came very close to reaching a tentative settlement during negotiations on October 14.  At the end of the day, the committees parted and the union met with the members to vote on the Company's proposal. As a result, members voted to r eject the Co-operative's offer and voted in favour of strike action.

Union and company representatives have agreed to meet on November 22.

Additional information will be posted here as it becomes available.

GSU's Local 17 bargaining committee members are  Shelbi Prescesky, Glen Morrison, and GSU staff rep Dale Markling.   

Prairie Co-op
A ratification meeting will be held November 21, 2016. Members will vote on the memorandum of settlement agreed to by the bargaining committee in September. 

GSU's Local 19 bargaining committee: Lindsay Hill (Strasbourg), Debbie Hillier (Cupar), and Steve Torgerson (GSU staff rep)

Western Producer

The union and company bargaining committees are tentatively scheduled to meet November 18.

This will be the third bargaining session. To date, the committees have met on October 18/19, and November 1.  

GSU's Local 20 bargaining committee members are Kim Quintin, Michelle Houlden, Laurie Michalycia, and Dale Markling (GSU staff rep). 

CHS Canada
Bargaining proposals have been exchanged and progress is being made quickly on a new amended collective agreement for the members at Edenwold. After consulting with members and providing a progress update, staff rep Steve Torgerson is waiting to hear the Company's reaction.  

Questions or Concerns? Contact GSU staff rep Steve Torgerson. 

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