May 5, 2020  
If you have concerns or problems as you deal with your employer's responses to Covid-19, don't hesitate to contact your GSU staff rep.

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GSU 2020 scholarship program application deadline - June 1

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Contact your GSU staff rep if you are interested in attending or learning more about an event.

*GSU members who sign up and are approved to participate in GSU-sanctioned events will have their time off work, wages, and expenses covered in accordance with GSU's expense policies (child care included). GSU staff will also assist you with arranging the time off with your employer.

Nutrien and Viterra reply to GSU on employee recognition during COVID-19 p andemic
GSU has been urging employers to show appreciation for the additional risk  being experienced and the added effort of employees who are continuing to  work in essential sectors of the economy. As part of GSU's effort, general  secretary Hugh Wagner wrote to Nutrien and Viterra on April 13. (Read Hugh Wagner's correspondence to both companies here.)

Nutrien replied in writing on April 21 and Viterra replied verbally on April  28. Both companies declined the employee recognition measures proposed by  GSU or any additional recognition. (Nutrien's written reply can be read at
"I am disappointed with the response by these two employers," said Hugh  Wagner. "These are extraordinary times that call for a much better and more  generous employer acknowledgement of the hard work and dedication of their  employees."

Trouw Nutrition and Grain Millers Canada Corp. step up

Click here to learn more about two employers of GSU members who have gone out of their way to acknowledge their employees' commitment and dedication with more than just words. 

Grain Millers management reached out to GSU last week in connection with plans to conduct start of shift wellness checks for all employees and contractors. The wellness checks are intended to ensure that people reporting for work are not symptomatic and potentially spreading the Covid-19 virus. 
After considerable discussion and compromise, the Company and GSU agreed on a wellness check process that ensures employees' privacy and their well-being were being protected. Occupational health and safety is vital to all workers and when processes are adopted to address extraordinary events, like a pandemic, an appropriate balance must be reached.
The wellness checks at Grain Millers will soon kick into gear and will be closely monitored by the executive committee of GSU Local 4, the OH&S committee and GSU staff representative Steve Torgerson.

Union proposes return to GSU/Nutrien bargaining table
The GSU and Nutrien last met for collective agreement renewal bargaining on Feb. 19. 

While the parties are close to agreement in many respects, there are significant differences in a few key areas. 

The Covid-19 pandemic and related restrictions have delayed the bargaining, but GSU bargaining spokesperson Dale Markling has contacted the company about returning to the bargaining table via a video format or in person. 

GSU is waiting for Nutrien's reply.

Learn to be patient
Many of us have been spoiled by instant gratification. Want a coffee? Hit the Timmie's drive-thru or slam one out of your Keurig. Something you need to say? Pick up your phone and call, text, or send an email. Time for your favourite TV show? Queue it up on the PVR and forward through the commercials or avoid them all together with streaming. Need some retail therapy? Order what you want online and it will come to your doorstep.

Covid has forced us to slow down and it has tested our patience. We're lining up for our favourite drive-thrus and to get into stores, we're spending an unprecedented amount of time with others who live in our homes, and we've had to find new ways to amuse ourselves that don't include sports, movies, live entertainment, or friends. And when we do venture outside outside for necessary items, it's frustrating when we can't get what we need and find ourselves constantly waiting for others in an effort to try and respect social distancing.

Patience. Do you have it? Would you like more of it? Learn more here:

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