August 6, 2019 

GSU JOB POSTING: Accounting Assistant 
(part-time) - Regina Office

We are hiring a part-time Accounting Assistant in our Regina office.
Closing date for receipt of applications is Friday, Aug. 16.

Are you a good match? Apply today!
Send your application in care of GSU Hiring Committee by email or mail.
  • Email:
  • Mail: 2334 McIntyre Street, Regina, SK S4P 2S2
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A member reached out to staff representative Steve Torgerson with some questions about a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) they had been placed on. They were wondering what it really was and had questions about what they had to do because of the PIP.

After a few phone calls the member understood the PIP process more and had a few questions for their Supervisor. The member completed their PIP and has advised Torgerson that the communication between them and their Supervisor is much better and things have gotten much better.

If you are put on a PIP or any other form of performance management plan it is important that you fully understand the process, the potential outcomes and what you are required to do. Your GSU staff representative can help walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have and help point out questions that need asking. 

Performance management can be a stressful time, please reach out to your GSU staff representative so they can assist you through it all.

How to Make Yourself Work When You Just Don't Want To

There's that project you've left on the backburner - the one with the deadline that's growing uncomfortably near.  And there's the client whose phone call you really should return - the one that does nothing but complain and eat up your valuable time.  Wait, weren't you going to try to go to the gym more often this year?

Can you imagine how much less guilt, stress, and frustration you would feel if you could somehow just make yourself do the things you don't want to do when you are actually supposed to do them?  Not to mention how much happier and more effective you would be?

The good news (and its very good news) is that you can get better about not putting things off, if you use the right strategy.  Figuring out which strategy to use depends on why you are procrastinating in the first place:

Reason #1   You are putting something off because you are afraid you will screw it up.
Reason #2     You are putting something off because you don't "feel" like doing it.
Reason #3   You are putting something off because it's hard, boring, or otherwise unpleasant.

To learn how to work around your 'putting off'  you can read the entire article here:   How to Make Yourself Work When You Just Don't Want To

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