February 23, 2021

Calendar highlights and upcoming events:
GSU Convention - Regina, SK - March 18 & 19

A package of convention materials will be in the mail and on their way to convention delegates by the end of this week. If you are a convention delegate and you have not confirmed your mailing address with GSU, please do so by email to gsu@gsu.ca.

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Would you like to be a director on the Defense Fund Board?
Delegates to GSU's upcoming convention will elect five directors to sit on the Defense Fund Board and oversee the union's $5.2 million defense fund.

Learn more about the position and how to apply here.

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GSU convention delegates to elect union's president, vice presidents, general secretary, and the five-person Defense Fund board
As they do at every GSU policy convention, delegates will be electing the union's top officers.

Convention delegates who wish to be a candidate for any of these offices are asked to be guided by the procedure approved by GSU’s executive Committee. (Read the Election Procedure at gsu.ca or by following this link.)
  • Candidates for president, vice-president and general secretary must be delegates to the GSU biennial policy convention where the elections are being held and may be nominated by another delegate OR they may nominate (volunteer) themselves for office and need not have a nominator.

  • Candidates for the GSU Defense Fund board of directors need not be delegates to the GSU policy convention, but they must be GSU members in good standing. Candidates may be nominated by another GSU member OR they may nominate (volunteer) themselves for office and need not have a nominator.

Nominations for office must be received at the GSU office by March 10 in order for nominee information to be included in GSU convention materials. Nominations will be accepted until March 18.

GSU is assisting a number of GSU members who are receiving a lower rate of pay than a new employee in the same job classification with less experience. The actions on behalf of the senior GSU members in question is based on the principles of equity and fairness and seeks to raise the senior employees’ rate of pay. In fulfilling pay equity principles an employer cannot reduce higher paid employees’ pay in order to reach an equitable standard. 
Actions in favour of pay equity and fairness are possible for GSU members without a lot of red tape and complicated processes as a direct benefit of union representation and a collective agreement.

Identifying problems as soon as they arise benefits everyone. Contact your GSU staff rep when you think there is a problem to be fixed.
Dopamine levels affect your decisions
Dopamine acts as a "feel good" chemical reaction in your body. It's produced when your brain is anticipating a reward or doing something you associate with pleasure, such as eating a favourite food, fishing, anticipating a great vacation, checking things off your to-do list, or getting likes on your social media.

The right amount of dopamine leaves you feeling accomplished, satisfied and happy. It can even motivate you to continue doing things to extend that pleasant feeling, which is good if you are exercising but not so good if you are eating freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.

Learn more about dopamine and how it affects your decision making here:

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