March 2, 2021

Calendar highlights and upcoming events:
GSU Convention - Regina, SK - March 18 & 19

Last week we packaged and sent meeting kits to convention delegates. If you are a confirmed convention delegate, watch your mail.

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Would you like to be a director on the Defense Fund Board?
Delegates to GSU's upcoming convention will elect five directors to sit on the Defense Fund Board and oversee the union's $5.2 million defense fund.

Learn more about the position and how to apply here.

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GSU is awarding $2,000 scholarships to five GSU members, their spouses and children
Have you, your spouse or dependant child been accepted
into university or tech school?

If your answer is YES, you are eligible to apply for a GSU scholarship.
We don't need transcripts or marks, but we do require confirmation the scholarship applicant is enrolled in a diploma, degree, or certificate program at a community college, university, trade school, or technical institute as a full-time student in any country. We also need the applicant to complete our application form, send us their two-page essay on the provided essay topic, and include a letter of recommendation from someone in their community. That's it.

It's easy to apply.

Scholarship forms and additional information are available here.

Deadline for receipt of applications is June 1, 2021.

March 8 is International Women's Day
A challenged world is an alert world and from challenge comes change.
Let's all choose to challenge.
How will you help forge a gender equal world?
Celebrate women's achievements. Raise awareness against bias.
Take action for equality.

International Women’s Day (March 8) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

Learn more here.
Some Local 1 (Viterra) members have been the subject of employer boot inspections to assess the quality of their boots for working on concrete and snow. After the inspection, members are advised of boot options and how much extra they can expect to spend over the $175 boot allowance outlined in the collective agreement in order to get new boots. 
From what we understand, none of the new boot options from the employer are priced within range of the current boot allowance.
GSU staff rep Donna Driediger has reached out to the employer requesting confirmation of what happens next when an FOM or AOM advises an employee that their boots should be upgraded. Specifically, Driediger has asked whether a new pair of boots will be supplied, if an additional boot voucher will be issued to employees, or if a top-up for boots can be expected by Local 1 members who have been advised their boots are not meeting the mark. 

What are your goals?
A year of living through a global pandemic and existing in a way we are very unaccustomed to has caused many of us to do some soul searching and self-reflection.

Looking back before the pandemic, were you living your life in a way that will serve you going forward? Do you find yourself considering doing things differently than you have in the past? Where do you hope to be five years from now?

Check out these links to inspire you and help you assess your life goals:

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