July 23, 2019 

Need advice? No problem is too small.


Identifying problems as soon as they arise benefits everyone. It's easier to solve problems when they are small, and sometimes a brief comment, email or meeting is all that's needed to address a situation.


Contacting GSU does not mean you are obligated to file a grievance. We are here to assist you in any way we can, but we will not contact your employer or act on your behalf without consultation, direction, and approval from you.


Call us when you think there is a problem to be fixed.


Questions? Contact a GSU staff rep at either our Regina or Saskatoon office.


These services are provided to you as part of your union dues. There is no additional charge for assisting you.



GSU Membership Survey Winners

Last month GSU sent out surveys to Local 1 & 2 (Viterra) and Local 15 (Nutrien) members asking for feedback on various questions. Members who completed the survey and gave us their name and email address were then entered in draws. Each survey is awarding 4 - $250 prizes to members who entered. 

The winners of the Local 1 & 2 (Viterra) survey draw are;

Steve Brethauer  working in Gull Lake
Correne Dewald  working in Luseland
Kaylee Kruger  working in the Regina Office
Marshall Morrison  working in North Battleford

The winners of the Local 15 (Nutrien) survey draw are;

Charlotte Greenshields  working in Rosthern
Rhonda Murrison  working in Kelvington
Heather Yeaman  working in Colonsay
Kyla Young working in Porcupine Plain

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated, the feedback will be invaluable for GSU elected officers. 

Laila loves her GSU Frisbee

A few months back GSU Local 4 member Dallas, from Yorkton, took home a GSU Frisbee from a local union meeting, turns out he had someone who likes Frisbees. This is Laila his 9 year old boxer and by the looks of things a proud owner of the new Frisbee. 

She loved it so much Dallas had to ask if we had another Frisbee as she caught and chewed her new one to pieces. I think we will have to send her a few extras so she can run off some of that Boxer energy.

Thanks Dallas for the photo of Laila.

We are pleased to announce the 2019 recipients of our five $2,000 GSU scholarships.
Local 1.2 GSU member - Viterra/Moose Jaw terminal
Studies:  Public Fire Paramedic Program
Local 2 GSU member Raelee Kearns - Viterra Head Office
Studies: Combined Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Science Mathematics
Local 15 GSU member - Nutrien Ag Solutions, Regina
Studies: Education BEd Middle Years (6-9)
Local 5 member Sharlene Tetrault - Western Producer
Studies: Medical Administration
Local 5 GSU member Lila Zentner - Western Producer
Studies: Masters in Finance.
GSU scholarship committee members Jim Brown (GSU president), Brett North (GSU vice president), and Brian Cowan (GSU council member) were tasked with reviewing applications and choosing this year's recipients from a competitive pool of applicants.
" Tuition fees and accommodation costs continue to increase," said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. "We are pleased to award these scholarships and help these students with their education costs."
Congratulations to our recipients and thank you to our committee for their hard work.

The scholarship competition is open annually to GSU members, their spouses, and dependent children who have not previously won a GSU scholarship.

Scholarship applicants must be enrolled in a diploma, degree, or certificate program at a community college, university, trade school, or technical institute as a full-time student in any country.


Make new friends in low places at Mosaic Stadium

If you are looking for something to do on August 9 then you are in luck. GSU is going to send two members with one friend each to see Garth Brooks! This is shaping up to be one of those great summer concerts under our beautiful night sky with thousands of fans to watch an amazing performer with a long and successful career. 

Many of Garth Brook's songs seem to have a message of dealing with ups and downs and looking back on memories and working hard for tomorrow. In recognition of that to be entered to win one of the two pairs of tickets we are asking you to answer this simple question and send your answer in to us.

With everything you know now and what you have learnt through your years of life and working what advice would you give a younger you on the day before you started your first job? 

Email in your entry to gsu@gsu.ca by Tuesday, July 30 at 10:00 a.m. to be entered to win The draw will be made Tuesday and the winners announced in the TMM.

Why We Should Look Forward to More of Each Day

For most of us the average day includes a mix of things we both look forward to and things we don't look forward to. We look forward to coffee in the morning, we regret that we have to go to work; we look forward to coming home at the end of the day, we dislike that we have to do laundry.
But how much of your life are you giving up if you dread, dislike, regret and don't look forward to, say, 50 percent of your average day? Logical reasoning says that, based on this estimate, you're giving up half of your entire life. And you're giving it up simply because you aren't looking at your life from a healthy perspective.

When we don't look forward to something-when we don't enjoy it-we aren't very present in that current moment. It's like life is just passing by, and we're just waiting for it to pass so we can get on with the more fun or interesting parts of each day.

When we get caught up in this waiting-for-better-moments routine, we aren't actively living, are we?

To get a better understanding of why having something to look forward to is good for us read the whole article at tinybuddha.com: Why We Should Look Forward to More of Each Day 

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