April 20, 2021

Calendar highlights and upcoming events:
Day of Mourning - April 28 

Last year 34 workplace deaths were recorded in Saskatchewan. Each year, Canada recognizes April 28 as the National Day of Mourning to remember workers who have died, were injured, or stricken by illness on the job.

Learn more here. Information on events scheduled in Saskatchewan is available here.

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CLC/SFL Spring School - May 17 - 20
As is the case with many education opportunities, the CLC/SFL Spring School is going to be held virtually. GSU will sponsor up to three union members to attend. If you are interested or want to learn more, check out the school brochure and contact your GSU staff rep.

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GSU's scholarship application deadline is June 1

We are giving away five $2,000 scholarships in 2021. You can find application forms and learn more about our scholarship program requirements here

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Prairie School for Union Women - June 22-25

Save the date for this virtual school. GSU will sponsor up to three members to attend. Contact your GSU staff rep to learn more.

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A GSU member is relieved after grievance action secured their right to receive severance pay from Viterra after a layoff of more than 12 months.
“I don’t think there was ever any doubt about the member’s right to severance pay of two weeks’ pay per year of service, “ said GSU staff representative Donna Driediger. “However, it took grievance action on behalf of this individual to close the loop.”
“It is not unusual for differences to arise in relation to interpreting and applying the terms of a collective agreement, and the grievance procedure is an effective means for resolving matters,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “Some cases take quite a lot of time to get squared away, but this case came to a successful close fairly quickly.”
“Know your collective agreement rights and engage GSU’s representation process to your best advantage,” Wagner said. “Quite often problems can be resolved without a formal grievance, but the process is always there if things can’t get settled informally.”

Contacting GSU does not mean you are obligated to file a grievance.

If you have questions or think there is a problem to be fixed, contact us. We will work with you to answer your questions and find a solution that works for you.

Our services are provided to you as part of your union dues. There is no additional charge for assisting you.

GSU is awarding $2,000 scholarships to five GSU members, their spouses and children
Have you, your spouse or dependant child been accepted
into university or tech school?

If your answer is YES, you are eligible to apply for a GSU scholarship.
We don't need transcripts or marks, but we do require confirmation the scholarship applicant is enrolled in a diploma, degree, or certificate program at a community college, university, trade school, or technical institute as a full-time student in any country. We also need the applicant to complete our application form, send us their two-page essay on the provided essay topic, and include a letter of recommendation from someone in their community. That's it.

It's easy to apply.

Scholarship forms and additional information are available here.

Deadline for receipt of applications is June 1, 2021.

Mayo Schmidt named president and CEO of Nutrien
The board of directors of Nutrien Ltd. has appointed Mayo Schmidt as president and chief executive officer effective April 18, 2021. Mr. Schmidt was serving as chair of Nutrien’s board of directors since May 2019. He had previously joined the board of Agrium in 2012.
Many GSU members will recall Mr. Schmidt’s tenure as CEO of Saskatchewan Wheat Pool and then Viterra before departing after the Glencore takeover.
“Congratulations to Mr. Schmidt on being named to his new position," said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. "We look forward to a fruitful collective bargaining relationship with Nutrien Ag Solutions.“

More information is available here.

You control 40% of your own happiness
According to positivity researchers, we have a big say in how we feel.

  • 50% of our happiness is determined by a "set point," or genetics,
  • 10% is determined by our circumstances (health, wealth, and how we live our life), and
  • 40% is based on the efforts that we make to become happier.

Making an effort to be happier doesn't need to be a big effort, time consuming, or hard on your wallet. It can be as simple as wearing a favourite sweater, listening to your favourite music, or taking the time to enjoy your coffee after a leisurely breakfast.

Whatever you do, be sure to take control over your happiness by making the decisions and changes to brighten your own day.

Learn more here:

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