June 8, 2021
Calendar highlights and upcoming events:
GSU scholarship committee to announce recipients in mid-July

GSU scholarship committee will meet to select five $2,000 scholarship recipients based on their essays and community involvement reference letters. It is anticipated the recipients will be announced by mid-July.

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Prairie School for Union Women - June 22-25

Save the date for this virtual school. GSU will sponsor up to three members to attend. Contact your GSU staff rep to learn more.

It's our anniversary! Or is it our birthday? Either way, GSU is 85 years old

According to GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner, June 6 marked the 85th anniversary of GSU.
“The union was founded by country elevator and Regina head office employees of Saskatchewan Wheat Pool in 1936 at the height of the Great Depression,” said Wagner. “Two of the early rallying points for union members were a pension plan and the eight-hour day.”
A central current of the unionizing effort was the common desire for dignity and respect in the workplace. Many of the same themes prevail today, even though the working world and how it is organized have undergone dramatic changes in other respects.
“I often think of the courage and solidarity of the early union pioneers as they undertook a noble cause under less than ideal circumstances," Wagner said. "We could all use a booster shot of their spirit.”

Grievance results in pressing necessity leave awarded; banked time, overtime and vacation restored to members
When a severe winter storm prevented a number of GSU Local 1 members from attending work for all or part of their shifts on Nov. 9, 2020, they were required by their employer to use banked overtime or vacation to cover the missed hours of work. The members in question raised the issue with GSU and grievance action seeking pressing necessity leave was commenced.
“I’m happy to report that Viterra and GSU were able to resolve the grievance on a without prejudice basis and 12 affected employees will be granted pressing necessity leave as well as having their banked overtime or vacation time restored,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. "By settling the matter without prejudice, neither side is giving up their position on the subject, but have agreed to resolve the matter in this instance without creating a precedent for future situations.”
If Local 1 members want a permanent solution for this kind of situation, grievance action will have to be pursued if it happens again or the issue can be addressed at the bargaining table at the next round of agreement renewal collective bargaining in 2022.

No problem is too small! Sometimes a brief comment, email, or meeting is all that's needed to address a situation. Call us when you think there is a problem to be fixed. Our services are provided to you as part of your union dues and there is never an additional charge for assisting you.

Local 15 (Nutrien) collective agreements being distributed members

If you are a Local 15 (Nutrien) member you can expect to receive a copy of your newly-signed collective agreement booklet soon.

GSU staff reps are working through their spring visitation schedule and they are distributing agreements as they go. If a staff rep has already been through your area, we will be sending agreements your way by mail.

If you don't receive a copy of your agreement in June, get in touch with us and we'll get one in the mail to you. In the meantime, you can always view or print your agreement online on GSU's web page at gsu.ca.

It helps us when we help others
There is a feeling of fulfillment that comes from helping others.

Helping someone doesn't need to cost you money or a lot of time. It can be as simple as holding the door open for someone whose arms are full, sharing compliments about your favourite business on social media, or simply listening to someone who needs a soft shoulder.

While you are helping others, the side effects of your kind actions will help you. Learn more below.

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