February 16, 2021

Calendar highlights and upcoming events:
GSU Convention - Regina, SK - March 18 & 19

All available in-person credentials have now been assigned to delegates.

If you received a registration notice and are interested in attending the convention online, take a moment to complete your registration form and send it back to GSU in order to secure your spot.

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Would you like to be a director on the Defense Fund Board?
Delegates to GSU's upcoming convention will elect five directors to sit on the Defense Fund Board and oversee the union's $5.2 million defense fund.

Learn more about the position and how to apply here.

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Grievance update on storm stayed employees
On Nov. 9 a number of GSU Local 1 (Viterra) members were prevented from going to work as a result of a severe snow storm that affected communities in south west and west central Saskatchewan.
In response to inquiries from union members who missed work as a result of the snow storm, GSU intervened with Viterra management to urge use of pressing necessity leave to cover absences from work. After a couple meetings, Viterra declined to consider the absences as falling under pressing necessity leave. GSU commenced grievance action and the matter has now passed through Step 2 of the grievance procedure under GSU’s collective agreement with Viterra.
“Step 3 is the final meeting in the grievance procedure where yet another effort will be made to convince management to change their stance,” said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “If the situation doesn’t change at Step 3, the next decision is whether to send the grievance to arbitration by a neutral arbitrator."
“Although this grievance has moved slowly it is still better than the alternative of accepting the employer’s word as final,“ Wagner said. “Amongst many other advantages, being unionized means employees get to challenge, question, and test their employer’s response to real life situations.”
“While not every challenge or grievance is successful, the net impact is to make the workplace a little more democratic and highlight issues that need to be addressed at the agreement renewal bargaining table,” said Wagner.
Further updates will follow.

GSU staff rep Donna Driediger is monitoring a situation where GSU members are being asked to work outside the province.

Interprovincial travel is permitted for Saskatchewan residents, but public health recommends limiting interprovincial travel, if possible.

If you need advice about how to handle a workplace situation, call your GSU staff rep.

We will work with you to find answers to your questions, recommend what course of action to follow, and find the solutions that work for you. Our contact information is available here.
Take care of yourself by having your own back
The only person you can truly control is you, and that gives you the opportunity to make the decisions that ensure you have your own back, so to speak. Whether it's at work or at home, make sure that while you are busy taking care of others that you are also watching out for yourself.

Some of the ways you can have your own back:

  • asking questions to make sure you understand what is expected of you
  • thoroughly reading through contracts and asking questions to ensure you understand what you are signing up for
  • setting boundaries for yourself and identifying what you are willing to do for the people in your life
  • admitting when you haven't had your own back and accept responsibility.

The more you have your own back, the less disappointed you will be when others don't.

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