September 17, 2019 

Upcoming events:

GSU Local 15 (Nutrien) Board of Delegates' bargaining preparation meeting - Sept. 19 - Regina 

Delegates will discuss agreement renewal bargaining proposals and elect a bargaining committee to meet with the employer's representatives.


Joint Executive Council meeting - Sept. 26 - Regina
This body of elected officers governs the union between policy conventions.

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour Convention - Oct. 23-25 - Saskatoon
GSU is an SFL affiliate and our members are eligible to attend convention. 

Contact your GSU staff rep if you are interested in attending or learning more about an event.

GSU members who sign up and are approved to participate in GSU-sanctioned events will have their time off work, wages, and expenses covered in accordance with GSU's expense policies (child care included). GSU staff will also assist you with arranging the time off with your employer.

Past president of GSU, Henry Lamontagne passed away on May 25, 2019 

Henry worked for Sask Wheat Pool for over 37 years in the province's southeast corner. He retired in 1990 after being the Manager in Gerald for 35 years. 
Henry was a family man, and he and his wife Dianne had three children: Shelly, Sheldon, and Brent. They were a close family and enjoyed camping, hunting and fishing. Henry loved outdoor activities and was an avid curler, snowmobiler, and golfer. He worked tirelessly in his community, on boards, and in his church.
Henry had a strong social conscience and was very involved in Grain and General Services Union. He was an elected executive member for seven years, he was involved in collective bargaining, agreement enforcement, employment equity and shaping union policy. Henry was always thoughtful, unflappable, and dedicated to the wishes of the members of his union. He became president of GSU in 1986 and served until 1989. 
When Henry pushed his chair back, took off his glasses, and said "Now, just a minute here," you knew someone was about to be straightened out. He never shied away from calling out BS. With a keen mind and solid principles, Henry kept the conversation on track.

Henry was 88 years old. He was laid to rest after a service on June 1, 2019, in Gerald, SK.

Grain and General Services Union was built by strong, honest, and dedicated members like Henry and the support and strength of family, like his wife Diane and his family. His council, strength, fairness and friendship will be missed.   

arbitration [ahr-bi-trey-shuh n]


The hearing and determining of a dispute or the settling of differences between parties by a person or persons chosen or agreed to by them.

Definition from

A significant change in job duties for GSU members was the impetus behind an arbitration for GSU last week.

Arbitration is final step of the grievance procedure in GSU's collective agreements. This process allows the union/union members and employers to bring final and binding resolution to their disputes that arise over the interpretation, administration, application or alleged violation of the terms and conditions of the collective agreement.
GSU and/or their legal counsel represent GSU members at grievances and arbitrations. This service is provided as part of union dues. Our members do not pay any additional fee for this representation.
If you have a problem in your workplace or you think your collective agreement rights may have been violated, don't hesitate to contact an elected GSU officer or staff rep.

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How to stay sane in a toxic environment

Society is a swath of many unique people and personalities, and it's inevitable that you will run into people in your circle who just make things unbearable. Whether it is your team, your church, or your workplace, if you aren't ready to leave or directly confront the problem, you need to find a way to cope and make the best of a situation without letting it bring you down or turn you into someone you don't want to be.

As a GSU member, you can contact your staff rep for confidential advice or assistance. In your life outside work, you may need to find other ways to cope and stick it out (at least for now). 

These helpful coping mechanisms are directed toward work environments, but they are also valuable tools outside work for making the best of things when you aren't ready to take the next step of communicating, confronting, or quitting: 11 tips for staying sane in a toxic workplace.

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