November 1 , 2016  

Calendar highlights for Oct. 31 to Nov. 4:
  • staff rep Lawrence Maier was in Lloydminster for a grievance hearing on Monday
  • staff rep Dale Markling and the Local 5 (Western Producer) bargaining committee meet management representatives today for their second bargaining session 
  • general secretary Hugh Wagner is scheduled to meet with members from Local 8 (Advance) on Tuesday
  • Hugh Wagner and GSU legal counsel Ronni Nordal will be meeting with CPS representatives and their legal counsel on Thursday
  • GSU's annual membership meetings are underway. Watch your email for your meeting notice and check for updates
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Privatizing Sask. Crowns a hot topic at Sask. Federation of Labour's annual convention
The 61st annual convention of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour was held in Regina from October 26 to 29, 2016. GSU was represented by 20 delegates from six locals, including Shawn Nolan (1st VP ILWU Canada) and Gerry Gault (President, Grain Workers' Union Local 333, ILWU Canada).
The convention focused on renewing and expanding the capacity to respond to challenges facing working people stemming from economic trends and public policies of governments. Among the many issues reviewed and debated by convention delegates, it was the agenda of the Wall provincial government with regard to privatizing Saskatchewan's crown corporations that seemed to receive the most attention.
"It's little wonder the Premier's privatization agenda and the crown corporations were top of mind since the government caucus introduced legislation on the subject at the beginning of the week," said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. "There was unanimity among the 600 union delegates that the provincial government should keep its mitts off the Crowns. They provide thousands of jobs, reasonably priced services, and financial dividends to government year after year."

Below: (l-r) members of GSU's delegation: Curtis Cousins (Sub-Local 20 - CPS, Nipawin); Michelle Houlden (GSU vice-president and Local 5 - Western Producer member), Carolyn Illerbrun (past GSU president).

Local 15 (CPS) members vote, approve memorandum of agreement

The ballots have been counted and 71.41 percent of Local 15 members who cast ballots have voted to approve the memorandum of agreement between CPS and GSU regarding the scope of the union's bargaining unit in Saskatchewan.

The results of the vote have been communicated to CPS management and discussions will begin November 3 when GSU representatives, CPS representatives, and legal counsel for both sides meet regarding implementation of the memorandum of agreement terms.

One of the many criticisms of the pay for performance systems administered by CPS and Viterra is the lack of transparency and consistency.
Recently a number of members working at a Viterra location raised questions about why they are being paid the same or less than an employee who was just hired. GSU general secretary Wagner raised the issue with Viterra management at a meeting on October 20.
"I hope to receive an answer this week and we'll take the matter forward from there," said Wagner. "I understand members' frustration with the pay plan. It is an issue we have to work on to correct."

Do you have questions about a provision of your collective agreement?  
Contact a GSU staff representative.

No problem is too small. Identifying problems as soon as they arise benefits everyone. Call us toll-free if you have a question or a problem you would like addressed.  Call 1.866.522.6686 (Regina) or 1.855.384.7314 (Saskatoon).


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Discovery Co-op

The two sides  met and came very close to reaching a tentative settlement during negotiations on October 14.  At the end of the day, the committees parted and the union met with the members to vote on the Company's proposal. As a result, members voted to r eject the Co-operative's offer and voted in favour of strike action.

Union and company representatives have agreed to meet on November 22.

Additional information will be posted here as it becomes available.

GSU's Local 17 bargaining committee members are  Shelbi Prescesky, Glen Morrison, and GSU staff rep Dale Markling. 
Western Producer

The union and company bargaining committees meet November 1 for their second round of bargaining.

The preliminary discussions were productive during the first bargaining session on October 18 and 19, but the positions of both sides remained far apart. 

GSU's Local 20 bargaining committee members are Kim Quintin, Michelle Houlden, Laurie Michalycia, and Dale Markling (GSU staff rep). 

CHS Canada

The GSU bargaining committee is awaiting the company's response to the union's bargaining proposals

Questions or Concerns? Contact GSU staff rep Steve Torgerson. 

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