June 12, 2018 
Anything can happen around here, but this is what we have scheduled for the week:
  • staff rep Donna Driediger had a meeting on Monday with a member
  • general secretary Hugh Wagner meet with a member Monday morning 
  • general secretary Hugh Wagner, staff representative Donna Driediger and GSU's legal counsel assisted a member at a hearing for their Employment Insurance claim this morning
  • the Tuesday Members' Memo is emailed to GSU members weekly on Tuesday. If you know a co-worker who doesn't receive the TMM and would like to, have them call GSU toll-free at 1.866.522.6686 or send an email to gsu.regina@sasktel.net 
  • general secretary Hugh Wagner is preparing for an arbitration on Friday 
  • GSU staff will be on the road visiting Local 1 and Local 14 locations this week, and in the coming weeks, to continue the discussions surrounding collective bargaining this Fall.
GSU's calendar of events is regularly updated and available on GSU's web page:  gsu.ca  


The chants began nearly 20 minutes before the opening faceoff.

"We want the Cup ... We want the Cup ...We want the Cup."

They've got it.

Saskatchewan Rush and their fans celebrated yet another National Lacrosse League championship title Saturday night before 13,645 fans at SaskTel Centre, where the Rush prevailed in Game 3 of a best-of-three final series with a 15-10 win over the visiting Rochester Knighthawks.

Read the full story at the Saskatoon Star Phoenix

Congratulations to the Rush and to the 4 lucky GSU winners who got to experience the win.

Let's hope the Roughriders can continue with this winning and shake of the loss this past Friday. And the 2 GSU members who entered to win from last weeks TMM are Myrna Britz and Sheila Tran, enjoy the game. 


A GSU member reached out to staff representative Donna Driediger with questions about Serious Illness leave. They wondered if they used Serious Illness leave to attend to a family member would the time off be charged against their earned sick leave credits? 

Driediger stated that the collective agreement is clear that your own sick leave credits would not be for this leave, Serious Illness leave is separate and in addition to you own earned sick leave credits.  

When there are problems in the workplace there are many factors to consider.

A GSU staff rep has access to information and can help gather all facts and identify whether your rights have been violated. Call us if you need advice or if there is a problem to be fixed.

Contact information for GSU staff is available here.

SFL Camp for Teens

The Annual Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) Summer Camp will be held on August 25-31 at Camp Easter Seal - Manitou Lake. This 6 day camp focuses on issues relevant to young people - including social justice and equality - and combines learning with cooperative recreation activities. 

Young people between the ages of 13-16 who are daughters and sons of union members are eligible to attend.

There are still spots available for Camp this summer.

GSU will sponsor three GSU campers in 2018. On July 1 a draw will be made from all eligible GSU campers who are registered for camp and up to three campers will be reimbursed for their camp fees. To be eligible for the draw campers must be the daughter or son of a GSU member.

For information on the SFL summer camp feel free to contact staff representative Steve Torgerson, or to get the Camp registration form, click here

10 Ways To Start Your Workweek Off Right To Avoid A Case Of The Mondays

Yes it is Tuesday, but these tips will help you avoid kick start your week when ever you start it. 

It is always a little challenging starting a new workweek.  A large majority of people stay up a little too late on Sunday night, neglect to do any work over the weekend and drift into the office tired and irritable. The average person will arrive to the office at about 9:20 a.m. or later. They share tall tales of their weekend adventures with their colleagues, go out to get a cup of coffee, take a restroom break and proceed to check their social media to see what's going on. At about 10:30 a.m., they start to think about working. By 11:15 a.m., plans are being made for lunch. As you can imagine, this is not a recipe for success. It is a detrimental pattern that is easy for us all to fall into.

  • Once in the office, avoid the pervasive and distracting idle chitchat and gossip. Dive into the plan that you made the night before.
  • Ideally, you should have checked emails Sunday night to get a jump on any important issues. If not, start right away.
  • Eat the frog first-meaning take on the tasks you hate to get it done quickly and not have it hang over your head all day long.

Want to read all the tips for starting your week ahead, click here: 10 Ways To Start Your Workweek Off Right To Avoid A Case Of The Mondays

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