June 23, 2020

Calendar highlights and upcoming events:

Local 15 (Nutrien) vote on the company's final offer

Voting is underway. If you did not receive your ballot and voting package, contact your GSU staff rep immediately.

Deadline for receipt of ballots is noon on Friday, July 3, 2020.

GSU 2020 scholarship program application extended deadline - Sept. 1

Learn more and download the application forms  here .

Local 8 (Advance) grievance referred to arbitration
A Local 8 policy grievance challenging the length of layoff notice given to six employees by Advance Tank Production Ltd. has been referred to arbitration .
At the end of April, Advance Tank Production issued a mass layoff notice to its work force in response to economic conditions in the oil sector and the COVID-19 pandemic. AEA/GSU Local 8 took issue with the length of layoff notice given to six employees and argued they were entitled to eight weeks’ notice or pay in lieu. Discussions during the grievance procedure were not successful in resolving the disagreement and the grievance was referred to arbitration. An arbitrator remains to be selected and dates for hearing will follow.
“While this grievance has been referred to arbitration, we continue to communicate with the employer in an effort to resolve the disagreement," said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner.

Local 15 (Nutrien) members have until next week to vote on Nutrien's final offer
Last week GSU held two Microsoft Teams video conferences and a telephone conference call to give Local 15 members an opportunity to talk to bargaining committee representatives, voice their concerns, and ask their questions about the company’s final offer.

Voting packages with mail-in ballot information have been distributed and now we are waiting for the ballots to be returned to GSU's Regina office.

The deadline for receipt of the mail-in ballot is noon on Friday, July 3.

GSU bargaining committee representatives will be in attendance when the ballots are counted on the afternoon of July 3. An email announcing the results of the ballot will be sent directly to GSU members.

A bargaining history is available here .  

The union's bargaining committee is comprised of GSU Bargaining Committee Brian Cowan, Curtis Cousins, Lynn Shaw, Steve Torgerson (GSU staff rep), and Dale Markling (GSU staff rep and bargaining spokesperson).

GSU representatives are contacting workplaces  

Normally at this time of year GSU representatives would be conducting a series of workplace visits and holding membership meetings in GSU’s Locals and Sub-Locals. COVID-19 public health guidelines and workplace safety measures have altered our traditional approach to union membership meetings and other representation work.
“Not everyone is comfortable with the same approach so we are trying to tailor things to meet local needs," said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. “The work we do on behalf of GSU members has not let up and we constantly try to adjust to new circumstances. In the meantime, we are available to answer any questions, complaints, or need for assistance.”

GSU representatives are communicating with union members and officers to discuss how best to address contact work during the pandemic.

Bargaining updates
Local 5 (Western Producer)

The Company and Union committees are meeting this afternoon to discuss dates to restart bargaining. They will also discuss details of a letter of understanding and whether the terms of the wage rollback will continue beyond July 1.

Members of Local 5 will be consulted following the outcome of the meeting.

Local 6 (Wild West Steelhead)

There will be a membership meeting on the evening of Monday, June 29, in Lucky Lake to finalize the bargaining proposals and elect a bargaining committee. Notice will be posted at the workplace advising of the details.

Local 15 (Nutrien)

The information meetings on Nutrien's final offer wrapped up last week. The bargaining reports and ballots were mailed out to Local 15 members on June 12 and ballots are starting to return to the GSU office. Members are being asked to fill out and return their ballots to GSU's Regina office by noon July 3 in order to be counted.

Members who have not received their bargaining package and ballot can contact GSU Local 15 bargaining spokesperson Dale Markling at  Dale@gsu.ca  or by phone or text at (306) 229.9299 with any questions or concerns.

Watch for Blue Green Algae
Our summer weather has finally made an appearance, and with it comes toxic blue green algae.

Blue green algae has become a problem in Canadian waterways, particularly in the still waters of the prairie provinces where we have higher levels of phosphorous. This pesky microbe is lethal to animals and harmful to humans, so if you see a layer of sludge on a body of water, don't drink it, don't swim or bathe in it, and don't let your pets near it.

Learn more, here:

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