August 29 , 2017  

Upcoming events

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Upcoming events:

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour's OH&S Conference
September 6 - 8, 2017 | Saskatoon, SK
Learn more about the school  here

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour 62nd Annual Convention
October 18 - 20, 2017 | Saskatoon, SK
Learn more about convention here.  
GSU's Joint Executive Council will also meet during the SFL convention on October 19.

Contact your GSU staff rep for more information about these events, GSU's expense policy, or to register. 

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An employee was told to take a client on a day-long customer service event. When the employee subsequently found out they weren't being paid for the day and brought it to the attention of the company, it was suggested to the employee that a vacation day be used.  

The employee contacted the union office for clarification and GSU staff rep Steve Torgerson is working to resolve the issue.

Contact your GSU staff rep for assistance with questions or concerns.
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Editor: The following article from GSU legal counsel Ronni Nordal provides valuable information for GSU members

"Do I still have to hire her if she's pregnant?"

Do employees still need assistance protecting their rights in 2017? You bet they do.
Recently I received a cold call (an inquiry from someone who is not a client). The person calling was a small business owner and before I could explain that I represent employees - not employers - he blurted out his question:
"Last Week I offered someone a job and sent them the formal job offer. Yesterday she told me she was pregnant. Do I still have to hire her?"
My response: "YES. To revoke the employment offer would be discrimination."
This employer was adamant that he had been lied to, as during the interview he asked whether "there were any health conditions he should know about" and the potential employee replied "no". The employer felt he had been lied to and should not have to hire the person.
Response from me: "If the potential employee had told you she was pregnant, would you have hired her?"
Employer response: "No."
It may be 2017, but employees still need assistance in having their rights protected - particularly employees with disabilities.  

Ronni Nordal, LL.B. 
NORDAL LeBlanc Law Office 

Thank you to everyone who completed our membership survey. 

GSU members who completed our survey were entered in a draw for two tickets to the Riders v. Bombers Labour Day Classic. 

Congratulations to our ticket winners   Anthony Degerness (Local 15 - Melfort CPS) and  Glen Wlaschuk (Local 4 - Grain Millers)

Glen and Anthony will each receive two tickets to the Labour Day Classic.

Watch here and on GSU's web page for chances to win tickets to the Riders' upcoming game against the Stampeders.

GSU contest rules and regulations are available here.

Check out the virtual view from our seats in Section 636.

Part-time work is best for aging brains 

If you are over 40 and able to celebrate an extra-long holiday weekend, you may find you are more productive than usual next week. Research found that older and middle-aged workers show their sharpest cognitive skills when they work 25 to 30 hours a week. 

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