February 5, 2019 

Anything can happen, but here's what we have on our calendars for February 4 - 8

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  • general secretary Hugh Wagner and the Local 8 (Advance) bargaining committee are meeting with the Company and a Mediator on Monday and Tuesday
  • staff representative Steve Torgerson met with a member on Monday regarding resolving a grievance on it's way to arbitration  
  • Steve Torgerson will attend a course on Domestic Violence in the Workplace Facilitator  training Tuesday through Friday
  • Questions? Contact a GSU staff representative at either our Regina or Saskatoon office. 

Bargaining Update

Local 1 (Viterra Country Operations and Maintenance) & 2 (Viterra Regina Head Office)

Bargaining With Viterra Resumes on February 12, 2019
GSU Locals 1 and 2 agreement renewal bargaining with Viterra resumes a week from today on February 12.
GSU's bargaining committee is looking forward to a comprehensive reply from Viterra's representatives on the full range of outstanding bargaining issues. A bargaining update will follow the February 12 and 13 meetings with Viterra.

Local 8 (Advance)

Bargaining Dispute With Advance

Conciliation talks between AEA/GSU Local 8 and Advance Tank Production/Advance Tank Centres Ltd ended abruptly on February 4 after the employer's representatives rejected a counter proposal from the union and left the hotel where the meetings were taking place.

According to GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner the conciliator will report out of the process thereby triggering a 14 day cooling off period.

"Under the Saskatchewan Employment Act, when a conciliator in a collective bargaining dispute reports out of the process by informing the Minister of Labour Relations and Workplace Safety, a so called 14 day cooling off period begins at the end of which the parties are in a legal position to take lockout/strike action," Wagner said. "The parties are free to continue to attempt to bargain a settlement during the cooling off period and are not required to engage in lockout or strike action, but the legal window to do so opens when the 14 days run out".

During the next two weeks, AEA/GSU Local 8's Executive Committee will be consulting members of the bargaining unit as well as making preparations for a strike vote.

"All options are on the table and I will be working with the Executive Committee of the Local on an appropriate course of action," said Wagner. "I will also be consulting with the Board of Directors of the GSU Defense Fund to make arrangements for strike/lockout pay in the event it is needed."

The 14 day cooling off period in this bargaining dispute will likely end around February 19 depending on when the conciliator files his report with the Minister.


GSU Vice-President Michelle Houlden with GSU Bursary recipient Sara Meyer.

St. Thomas More College 
GSU Bursary 2018/19 

Each year GSU is proud to support a student from St. Thomas More College in Saskatoon who are completing their degree in the St. Thomas More Critical Perspectives on Social Justice & the Common Good program. 

"On behalf of the students, and staff at St. Thomas More College, please accept my sincere thanks for your union's generous support that enables students to experience our unique learning environment for which we are recognized across Canada.  Your support assists our vibrant College in offering a student-centred intellectual experience enabling our graduates to develop intellectually, socially and spiritually, and encouraging them to reach the full measure of their being."

St. Thomas More College 

Your GSU Vice-President Michelle Houlden was pleased to be in attendance at  the  Bursary Awards Reception where she proudly presented Sara Meyer with her bursary.   

*Drum roll* 

And the winner of two tickets to the RUSH game this Saturday, February 9 is Jared Seaborg. We all hope  you enjoy the game!  

Here are a few of the entries to the contest from last week to tied you over until the next draw in a couple weeks. 

  • It is so cold in Saskatchewan that teenagers are even driving like the elderly
  • It's so cold in Saskatchewan that -20 is T-shirt weather.
  • It is so cold in Saskatchewan that ....  my hot flashes are starting to feel good. 
  • It's so cold in Saskatchewan that my thermometer had no mercury in it :)!!
  • Its so cold in Saskatchewan that my tires are square.
  • Its so cold in Saskatchewan that the turkey voluntarily climbed into the stove!!

It is a good thing we all enjoy the Winters up here.

Joint Health and Safety Committee

What is a joint health and safety committee?

In the Canadian legislation, health and safety committees are mentioned under slightly varying names. We have used the name joint health and safety committee to reflect its composition. The committee may also be known as the joint work site health and safety committee, occupational health committee, workplace safety and health committee, or occupational health and safety committee.

A joint health and safety committee (JHSC) is a forum for bringing the internal responsibility system into practice. The committee consists of labour and management representatives who meet on a regular basis to deal with health and safety issues. The advantage of a joint committee is that the in-depth practical knowledge of specific tasks (labour) is brought together with the larger overview of company policies, and procedures (management). Another significant benefit is the enhancement of cooperation among all parts of the work force toward solving health and safety problems. In smaller companies with fewer than a specified number of employees, a health and safety representative is generally required. Consult health and safety legislation applicable to your workplace for details.

To read more about how to measure the effectiveness of your OH&S committee, working with your OH&S committee, how to help protect vulnerable workers and many other tips and information follow this link to the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety CCOHS

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