October 24, 2 017  

Anything can happen, but these are a few things we have scheduled for the week: 
  • It's annual meeting time and GSU staff will be on the road throughout the week. Watch your email for meeting announcements and updates.
  • general secretary Hugh Wagner met with a member on Monday. He is also scheduled to meet with members on Tuesday and Thursday.
  • the Tuesday Members' Memo is emailed to GSU members weekly on Tuesday. If you know a co-worker who doesn't receive the TMM and would like to, have them call GSU toll-free at 1.866.522.6686 or send an email to gsu.regina@sasktel.net 
Upcoming events:

GSU membership meetings 
Autumn 2017  
Whether we drop by and see you or schedule a meeting in your local, we'll be in touch. Can't wait to hear from us? Contact your GSU staff rep.

Contact your GSU staff rep for more information about these events, GSU's expense policy, or to register. 

GSU's calendar of events is regularly updated and available on GSU's web page - www.gsu.ca.  

A GSU member was considering the merits of filing a grievance. After meeting with GSU staff members and considering the options, the member returned to the GSU office to sign and file the grievance.

Contacting GSU does not mean you are obligated to file a grievance.

We are here to assist you, but we will not file a grievance, contact your employer, or act on your behalf without consultation, direction, and approval from you.

If you have questions about a workplace issue or you are experiencing problems in the workplace, contact your GSU staff rep.  Their services are provided to you as part of your union dues and there is no additional charge for assisting you.

SFL convention delegates debate workplace implications of legalizing marijuana and more 

The 2017 annual convention of the Saskatchewan Federation of Labour (SFL) was held at TCU Place in Saskatoon from October 18 to 20. GSU was represented by 10 delegates from its various Locals around the province.
The business of the convention included panels on topical issues including the workplace implications of legalizing marijuana, meeting the objectives of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, destigmatizing mental health and addictions, as well as jobs and transitioning to a greener economy.
In addition to panel presentations, convention delegates considered and debated more than 40 resolutions submitted by affiliated unions. Perhaps the most contentious resolution was a proposal to switch to biennial conventions instead of holding annual conventions. After a rigorous debate, the resolution was soundly defeated.
The 2018 SFL convention will convene in Regina in a year's time.  

If you are interested in attending the 2018 convention or other educational opportunities, watch for notices in the Tuesday Members Memo and notify a GSU elected officer, a GSU staff rep, or general secretary Hugh Wagner.  Members who attend GSU-sanctioned education opportunities as GSU delegates have their wages and expenses covered by the union. 

Would you like to win two tickets to the Riders' Nov. 4 home game against Edmonton?

We have two tickets to the Riders' last game of the regular season and you could win them. Send your answer to the following question and we will enter your name in our draw. 

If life handed you one do-over, what would you do differently - or do again? 

Send your answer to gsu.regina@sasktel.net by 9:00 a.m. Monday, Oct. 30 to be entered in our draw. 

Double your chances of winning tickets to the game!
Visit www.gsu.ca and answer our web page question and we'll enter you in that draw, as well.

Congratulations to Ken Weber (Local 1 - Viterra) and Heather Wiebe (Local 15), who each won tickets to the Oct. 27 game in last week's Tuesday Members' Memo contest.

Contest rules are available here .

Virtual view from our seats in Section 636

Can you work this hard for the next 10 years?
Are you headed for complete and total burnout? 

If you can't imagine keeping up your current pace for an extended amount of time, it's time to reconsider the way you are taking care of business.

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