August 20, 2019 
Garth Brooks Concert 'Experience of a Lifetime'!

Just a quick note to thank you again for the Garth Brooks tickets!! It was a great event - one we'll never forget for many reasons!!

The first pic is in the lineup at old Costco waiting for the shuttle - line up was all the way from the street where they picked us up, past the Costco building, and all the way to the street east of the building. The second pic is 5 hours later when we finally got into our seats - just a bit damp, but relieved to be sitting down! LOL!

The lineups, storm waiting, standing around on cement, etc were all worth it because the concert was absolutely FANTASTIC!! Thank you so much for the experience of a lifetime!!

- Leanne

Local 15 (Nutrien) Delegates Meeting to prepare for Bargaining this Fall
  We are planning for a meeting of GSU Local 15 delegates representing unionized Nutrien employees on Thursday, September 19 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel in Regina (1818 Victoria Avenue). The purpose of the meeting is to prepare a package of bargaining proposals to present to Nutrien management this fall. The collective agreement between GSU and Nutrien expires on December 31, 2019.
Leave of absence with pay will be arranged for a delegates to enable travel to Regina on the afternoon of September 18 and attendance at the delegates meeting starting at 9:00 am on Thursday, September 19. Individual hotel rooms for each delegate  will be booked at the Ramada Plaza for the evening of September 18. Travel and meal expenses will also be covered by GSU's expense policy.

If you are an elected Local 15 officer or a GSU member working for Nutrien, join us for the meeting. We need you to help decide what issues the bargaining committee should tackle this autumn and what might need to wait for next time.

The current collective agreement between Nutrien and GSU expires on December 31, 2019. 

Contact your GSU staff rep for more information and watch GSU's web page and upcoming Tuesday Members' Memos for updates as the meeting date draws closer. 

  Here's a chance to help administer your $4.5 million Defense Fund
There is a vacancy on the board of directors of the GSU Defense Fund available to interested members from Locals 1 (Viterra Ops/Maintenance), Local 2 (Viterra Head Office), Local 14 (Richardson) and Local 15 (Nutrien). 

The directors meet periodically by conference call and hold at least one in-person meeting each year in Regina. Your wage loss and expenses for attending meetings of the directors will be covered by GSU's expense policy.

Members who would like more information or who are interested in participating in the administration of the $4.5 million fund should contact GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner by email at  by Aug. 31.  

August 17, 2019

Thanks to over a thousand sets of helping hands, the Western Canada Summer Games have been able to find success in southwest Saskatchewan.

Following a long volunteer drive to help make the games possible, people flocked to help celebrate athletic competition in western Canada.

With so much emphasis put on volunteerism making the Games a possibility, we sought to find out how volunteering for one of the most significant events in Swift Current's history was playing out from the perspective of those willing to offer their time to help out.

Erykah Pool, one such volunteer, said that she had been a witness to the great environment created by the Games.

"There are lots of people from everywhere. It's nice to see even the athletes trading pins, it's nice to see people getting to know each other."

Promotion for Swift Current is also on her mind.

"We're a small city, so not many people know about it," She said. "I've heard a couple people say they've never heard of Swift [Current] before this, so it's  nice that they get to see Swift [Current] and the nice features and beauty that is here."

Another volunteer, Jacquelin Siemens, said she thinks tourism will be impacted.

"One of the spectators said they drive through [Swift Current] all the time, but they've never stopped and visited, and so this gave them a great opportunity to do that... Next time they drive through, they're going to stop and visit some places that they've been to already, now that they've been here."

Wendy Tschetter said that she was happy to participate in the festivities.

"All the coaches and parents and athletes that I have talked to have said it's been an amazing experience, they are very proud of what they can participate in."

If you want to step up your volunteering game and help out groups and folks around you that is great. There are some surprising benefits for you and of course for those you are volunteering to help out. 

You can read about the benefits of volunteering here: Benefits of Volunteering

And if you are thinking of volunteering or already do volunteer reach out to us at GSU to see how we can help.

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