September 6 , 2016  

Calendar highlights for September 6 to 9:
  • staff rep Lawrence Maier attended two meetings with GSU members on Tuesday
  • general secretary Hugh Wagner will meet separately with two GSU members on Thursday
  • Local 1 (Viterra - Operations and Maintenance) collective agreement booklets are at the printers. Local 2 (Viterra Head Office) and Local 15 (CPS Operations and Office units) collective agreement booklets will be sent to the printers very soon
  • we are working on new promotional items for GSU. If you have suggestions for items send them to Lynn at
  • the Joint Executive Council will meet in Regina on Friday.
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GSU's elected officers  to meet September 9

The Joint Executive Council formulates policy and oversees the business of the GSU between policy conventions. This Friday they will gather in Regina to review a number of important issues facing the union.

On the agenda: 
  • approving delegates to the SFL convention, 
  • reviewing GSU finances, 
  • exploring organizing prospects, 
  • union education for GSU members,
  • other business.
Do you have union business for the Council to review?  Contact your GSU staff representative.

Travel Time for Training - Work Time or Not?
General Secretary Hugh Wagner is currently engaged in discussions with Viterra management in connection with the time employees spend traveling to and from grain grading training. In the specific instance being examined, employees were driving to Saskatoon on Sundays and returning home on Friday.
"So much depends on the particular facts of the situation. For example, whether the employees volunteered or were instructed to attend can have a bearing on the subject. The collective agreement is silent on this matter and the Canada Labour Code isn't clear," Wagner said. "I would appreciate if GSU members would share their views and experiences. In the meantime, we'll continue to pursue the matter with management."

If your have questions about travel time for training or other work issues, don't hesitate to contact your GSU staff rep.

No problem is too small. Identifying problems as soon as they arise benefits everyone. Call us toll-free if you have a question or a problem you would like addressed. Call 1.866.522.6686 (Regina) or 1.855.384.7314 (Saskatoon).

Are you interested in attending the SFL Convention? 

GSU members who sign up and are approved to participate in GSU-sanctioned events will have their time off work, wages, and expenses covered in accordance with GSU's expense policies (child care included). GSU staff will also assist you with arranging the time off with your employer.

SFL Convention
October 26-29, 2016 | Queensbury Convention Centre, Regina

Interested? Contact your  GSU staff rep to learn more or to register.

The Joint Executive Council is the governing body of the union which formulates policy and oversees the business of the GSU between Policy Conventions. 

We have a web page dedicated to GSU bargaining. 
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 Bargaining updates and reports are also available on GSU's web page -


Hi-Pro Feeds
At their August 28 meeting, Local 9 members (HiPro Feeds - Chilliwack) said a resounding NO to an unacceptable company offer and voted over 93 percent in favor of strike action to back their demands. The company put a new offer on the table with some significant improvements to wages and seniority language. After an afternoon of polishing the language, the union bargaining committee called a membership meeting to vote on the new offer. The ballots were counted on August 31 and the new agreement was accepted overwhelmingly.
"The improvements offered by the Company were possible because Local 9 members stuck together, and demanded a fair and reasonable contract. Members stayed up to date, came to meetings, and communicated with each other," GSU bargaining committee spokesperson Lawrence Maier reported. "A Facebook page was set up for breaking news. Members told management directly that action would be taken if their bargaining priorities were ignored. The membership made the win possible by standing firm and fearless.  They proved that there is no substitute for solidarity and a willingness to stand strong in the face of adversity." 

Congratulations to Local 9 bargaining committee members Kelly Saretzky, Kev Clarke, and union staff rep Lawrence Maier.

GSU's Local 9 bargaining committee comprises Kelly Saretzky, Kev Clarke, and GSU staff rep Lawrence Maier.
Discovery Co-op

The parties met on August 17 and at the end of the day the two sides were still apart on are wages, length of the agreement, scope, and rights for temporary employees.  

"After we exchanged proposals with the company a couple times, the union committee felt that we had to consult with our members," said GSU bargaining committee spokesperson Dale Markling.

It is anticipated that a meeting with members will be scheduled and take place within the next two weeks. 
GSU's Local 17 bargaining committee members are  Shelbi Prescesky, Glen Morrison, and GSU staff rep Dale Markling. 
Lloydminster & District Co-operative Association 

GSU bargaining spokesperson Dale Markling is working with Federated Co-op HR representative Matt Boyko to complete the final revisions on the new collective agreement. 

"I hope we will be able to sign it off in the next week or so," Markling advised.
GSU's Local 18 bargaining committee members are Christina Jones, Les Strueby, and GSU staff rep Dale Markling

Prairie Co-op  

The union and company bargaining committees reached a tentative settlement during their August 12 bargaining session. In late August the union sent their proposed draft  memorandum of settlement to the company for review. We are awaiting a response. 
GSU's Local 19 bargaining committee members are Lindsay Hill (Strasbourg), Debbie Hillier (Cupar), and Steve Torgerson (GSU staff rep). 

Western Producer

The local's current collective agreement expired July 31, 2016.  

Questions or Concerns? Contact GSU staff rep Dale Markling. 

Let's not talk about the Labour Day Classic. We'll just move along to giving away tickets to the Riders' September 18 home game against the Eskimos. 

We've got four tickets for the September 18 game and we need two GSU winners. To enter our draw, answer the following question:

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Get your answer to us by noon on Monday, September 12 and we will enter your name in the draw. Entries will be accepted by email at , fax 306.565.3430, or by delivery to 2334 McIntyre Street in Regina. 

Good luck!

Winners will be announced in our September 12 Tuesday Members' Memo.

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