September 19,  2017  

Anything can happen, but these are a few things we have scheduled for the week: 
  • staff rep Dale Markling was at the Western Producer on Monday
  • general secretary Hugh Wagner was at Service Canada on Monday
  • Dale Markling has a committee meeting on Tuesday
  • The Tuesday Members' Memo is emailed to GSU members weekly on Tuesday. If you know a co-worker who doesn't receive the TMM and would like to, have them call GSU toll-free at 1.866.522.6686 or send an email to
  • general secretary Hugh Wagner has  conference call with GSU's executive committee on Thursday
  • staff rep Lawrence Maier has a meeting with a member scheduled for Friday.
Upcoming events:

Grain and General Services Union's Joint Executive Council Meeting
October 19, 2017 | Saskatoon, SK
Learn more about the  GSU's  Joint Executive Council  here.

Saskatchewan Federation of Labour 62nd Annual Convention
October 18 - 20, 2017 | Saskatoon, SK
Learn more about convention here.  

Contact your GSU staff rep for more information about these events, GSU's expense policy, or to register. 

GSU's calendar of events is regularly updated and available on GSU's web page -  

Dismissal grievances settled
One of the bedrock principles of union representation is the right to protection from unjust dismissal (firing) and to be considered a candidate for reinstatement to one's job. Unlike remedies pursued through the courts, a unionized employee's grievance alleging unjust dismissal by an employer usually seeks reinstatement to the workplace and arbitrators have the authority to award reinstatement.
Arbitrators hearing grievances challenging employment terminations will weigh the evidence surrounding the employment termination and the circumstances of the employment relationship. The arbitrator will determine whether the grievance is worthy of being upheld and whether the grieving employee should be reinstated to the workplace.
Quite often unjust dismissal grievances will be settled prior to being arbitrated, and that was the outcome in two recent cases involving GSU members who were dismissed by their employers. Both individuals were employed by different employers and the alleged reasons for being dismissed were significantly different. What is common about the two cases is that both individuals commenced grievance action and were represented by GSU. In addition, both grievances were settled before being arbitrated and both grievors elected to forego/waive reinstatement to their former workplaces as part of the negotiated settlements.
"I've been involved in many grievances where result was the successful return of the grievor to her or his workplace following an employer's dismissal action. I've also been involved in cases where the grievor does not want to return to work for the employer and a settlement is worked out, usually involving payment of a sum of money to the dismissed employee," said GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner. "GSU's purpose in these types of cases is to make sure the employee in question gets a fair shake. The outcome they want is at the forefront of GSU's representation efforts."
"Sometimes people assume that because someone was fired by their employer they must have had it coming," Wagner said. "Real life is seldom that black and white, and employers quite often choose to address workplace situations the wrong way. Securing a balance against employer power is one of the reasons workers unionize."

We are here when you need backup. We will check into your situation, gather the relevant facts and documents, and help you make your case.

Your inquiry will be treated with strict confidentiality. Contact information for our staff reps is available here

Labour leaders raise funds and Walk A Mile In Her Shoes

On September 14, GSU general secretary Hugh Wagner and fellow labour activists teamed up to take a stroll around Regina's Victoria Park in women's shoes to raise money for the YWCA Regina.

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes is a pledge-based fundraiser, where people of all ages, genders, and abilities walk in red shoes to raise awareness and funds for YWCA Regina's essential programs and services that support women and children affected by violence.

Above (l-r): Labour leaders Hugh Wagner, GSU; Tom Graham, CUPE SK; Larry Hubich, Saskatchewan Federation of Labour; and Bob Bymoen, SGEU.

Below (l-r): Wagner, Hubich, Bymoen and Graham join participants for a lap around the park.

Congratulations to our latest ticket winners Todd Garnier (Local 15 - CPS) and Kevin Rasmussen (Local 14 - Richardson). 

Todd won our  Tuesday Morning Memo  draw, Kevin's name was pulled from our website entries, and they have each won two tickets to watch the Riders take on the Stampeders September 24.

Thanks to everyone who played along.

We'll be giving away tickets to the final three games of the regular season. Watch upcoming  Tuesday Members' Memoand our web page at  for details.

Virtual view from GSU's seats in Section 636.

Don't fudge the details on your resume

There are a number of stories in the news about diploma mills and alleged professionals with phoney credentials who are putting people's lives and livelihoods in danger.

While it may be tempting to pad your resume to get the edge on job competitors, exaggerating your skills and abilities can put your job search and credibility in danger. 

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