January 22, 2019 

Anything can happen, but here's what we have on our calendars for January 21 - 25

  • The Tuesday Members' Memo is emailed to GSU members weekly on Tuesdays. If you know a co-worker who doesn't receive the TMM and would like to, have them call GSU toll-free at 1.866.522.6686 or send an email to  gsu@gsu.ca
  • staff representative Steve Torgerson met with a member on Tuesday 
  • general secretary Hugh Wagner is meeting with members on Tuesday and o Wednesday
  • Hugh Wagner, Dale Markling and Steve Torgerson will attend a Labour Law review conference in Regina on Thursday
  •  Steve Torgerson is meeting with a group of members on Thursday evening
  • Questions? Contact a GSU staff representative at either our Regina or Saskatoon office. 

A member at Local 9 - Trouw Nutrition  noticed on their pay stub that they didn't appear to be getting paid Temporary Performance  of a Higher Duty (TPHD). The member went to  the Executive  and showed their pay stub that showed the number of hours of TPHD they worked, but when the wages were calculated  they were not paid at a higher rate.

The Local Executive took the issue, which  they found out was not limited to just one member, to the Company and alerted them  to the problem. The Company advised they  would look into it and that the miscalculations were an error and not intentional. During the investigation it was discovered that the evening Shift Premium of $1.00 and hour was also not consistently  paid and the parties are working to dig into the situation  and GSU is persistent that members must be compensated for these payroll errors. 

"It is important  that folks don't just glance at their  pay cheques and pay stubs when they  get them," says staff representative Steve Torgerson "they must make a habit of looking over their pay cheques and stubs to ensure they have been paid appropriately for what ever took place in that pay period." 

It is also a good practice to keep a pocket calendar in your vehicle  or locker and take note of the hours you work and any other important information for that shift, accidents, call ins, overtime, etc. It is reliable information like this that would assist in correcting any miscalculations  or errors found in your pay. 

If you have any questions about your pay or pay stub reach out to your GSU staff Representative. Your GSU Staff are here to advise and assist and all calls are confidential and will only act on your behalf if you instruct them to do so.

Bargaining Update

Local 1 & 2 - Viterra Country Operation and Maintenance and Regina Head Office

UPDATE:  GSU/Viterra Bargaining Resumes
According to Hugh Wagner, GSU's Locals 1 and 2 bargaining committee had a useful exchange on all bargaining issues when they met with Viterra representatives on January 15, 16 and 17, 2019.
"This was the second bargaining meeting and the bulk of the time was spent on wage rates and wage increase," Wagner said. "I think we had a useful dialogue and we're looking forward to hearing Viterra's response when we meet again on February 12 and 13."
The collective agreements between GSU and Viterra expired on October 31, 2018.
A further update will be released following the February 12 and 13 bargaining meeting.
GSU's bargaining committee : general secretary Hugh Wagner, staff representative Donna Driediger, Jim Brown, Brett North, Travis Brewer, Willie Harris, Howard Wilson, Sheila Tran.

Local 8 - Advance

UPDATE:  Conciliation Between AEA/GSU Local 8 and Advance Tank Production/Tank Centres
The first conciliation meeting between AEA/GSU Local 8 and the employer will take place on Friday, January 25. A provincially appointed conciliator will meet with both sides in an effort to assist resolving the current bargaining impasse.
The bargaining impasse is centred on wage increases, severance pay for job loss, modest paid leave to assist seriously ill family members and paid sick leave to cover the waiting period for short term disability benefits.
If the impasse is not resolved on January 25, further meetings with the conciliator are scheduled for February 4 and 5.

GSU's Bargaining Committee: general secretary Hugh Wagner, Doug Murray, Ron Gerlock, Dion Elliot and Steve Holliday

Learn more about the bargaining process and how it works

The Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union has done a great job of explaining bargaining in their Bargaining for Beginners web page and accompanying  infographic. You can check those out here

Never Burn Bridges -- Except In These Five Cases

Everybody has heard the expression "Never burn a bridge." What does it mean to burn a bridge? It means that you end a relationship in such a way that you could never go back and re-start the relationship again -- or perhaps you could, but it would require you to beg forgiveness of the person whose bridge you have burned, even to try.

You burn a bridge when you quit a job by walking out one day and never coming back. You burn a bridge when you break up with your sweetheart via text message, tell him or her never to contact you again and then change your phone number.

For the most part, the advice "Never burn bridges!" is good advice, but there are exceptions to every rule. Some bridges desperately need to be  burned. Sometimes for your own sake, you need to take a stand. Burning a bridge involves taking a risk.

To read the entire story on Forbes.com follow this link Never Burn Bridges -- Except In These Five Cases

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