Triveni Mitra Mandal
Triveni Mitra Mandal

Happy Friday!

We are excited to host superhit, Marathi natak " Amar Photo Studio" for our upcoming Padwa event. Tickets for this event go on sale (tonight) Friday, February 7th at 8 pm EST. So hurry and get the best seats!

Click here for a special invitation from lead actor - Amey Wagh.

Date & Time: Saturday, 21st March 2020 (Afternoon)
Venue: Lakota West Freshman School (5050 Tylersville Rd, West Chester, OH)
Program Outline: Lunch and Natak
Onsite Babysitting Available? : Yes

Please click here to buy event tickets (starting at 8 pm EST tonight).

To get discounted event tickets throughout the year by becoming TMM member, please click here.

Below are some details on the tickets and other guidelines:
  • Adult (age 18 and above) ticket includes:
    • Auditorium seat for natak
    • Padwa-special Maharashtrian lunch
    • Tea/Coffee during interval
  • Teenagers (age 13 to 18) will require to buy Teenager ticket. To encourage our younger generation to watch Marathi natak, we have priced these tickets at discounted rates. This ticket includes:
    • Auditorium seat for natak
    • Padwa-special Maharashtrian lunch
    • Tea/Coffee during interval
  • Kids (age 4 to 12) can attend the event for free (excluding natak). You are requested to choose ticket for each kid under Kids - Babysitting category (at no charge) to help us plan better. This ticket comes with kid's lunch and babysitting but no auditorium seat.
  • Babysitting is not available for kids below 4 years of age.
  • Mininum age for auditorium entry is 10 years. Natak crew has asked for a complete silence in the auditorium throughout the natak.
  • Any kid, between age 10 to 12 years, who wants to watch the natak, will be required to have a Teenager ticket.
  • For any kid/teenager who wants to watch the natak, parents are requested to ensure that they are sitting right next to their kid/teenager and help maintain complete silence throughout the natak. 
  • Keeping safety in mind, all children will have to be either at the babysitter or with their parents in the auditorium. They will not be allowed to stay or play in the hallway.
For any questions, please contact Mahesh Mahaddalkar @ 513 276 7372 or Yogendra Vadnere @ 513 290 2969 or email us at
2020 Karyakarini
(Abhijit Patil, Amit Shastri, Bharati Lengade, Neeraj Ghule, Nitin Karande, Mahesh Mahaddalkar, Prashant Sukhe, Shantanu Shivdekar, Trupti Deshpande,  Yogendra Vadnere)

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