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 TNNA Phoenix 2012 

Since Sundance Designs is located in Tucson, we're thrilled to have this years winter market practically in our backyard. Here we have photos of our TNNA events:

  • Arizona Wildflower class will be taught on Saturday morning 8-10am.
  • Sundance Fob-ulous beaded bead scissors fob will be taught Sunday morning 8-10am.
  • Sample It- We are featuring a yummy little canvas with all the garnish. This lip-smacking flower with its black and white border features, beads, sequins, and our new Sparkles. This will be a fun one for a class or workshop in your store. Be sure to come by early as supplies are limited.
  • TIPS stands for Trends, Ideas, & Products. Join Sundance and needle artisan Cynthia Thomas for a TIPS session: Sparkle and Shine, basics of beads and sequins. Friday January, 20th at 8am and again at 8:30. This will be a demonstration along with Q&A.
New Canvas Designs 
These beautiful sunflower still life canvases have been translated from original watercolor paintings. The flowing gentle shading and sophisticated color palette make these truly breathtaking.

We will have more floral designs to brighten the day; several delightful arrangements in vessels and a large vibrant Flower Market scene. Any of these would be great for embellishment with ribbons, beads, sequins and Sparkles. They would also be an awesome stash buster project.

Day of the Dead--you just can't keep us away from this eccentric and free spirited theme. We have two new Catrina's and an outrageous dog. One of the Catrinas fancies herself as Frieda Kahlo while the other sips on Hot Chocolate in the afternoon. (pictured at left) 
We'll have photos on our website and of course, you can see them all in Phoenix  Booth 1709          www.SundanceDesignsonline.com
Barbara Elmore

Do you recall Barbara's exciting Skein and Thread Heads? Well, they now have little sisters and pets. You will think Harajuku Style when you see these little cuties with their round faces and big eyes. Harajuku Style is all about breaking the rules, a true way to express your own stitching style and have fun in a creative way. The stitch and embellishment ideas are endless.


Barbara, oh Barbara, her genius never sleeps. She has created a line of Sculpture Samplers. Each canvas strip is stitched separately and assembled into a unique and fun decor piece. These are adorned to the hilt and super fun to stitch.









Just Libby Designs

Yea! Just Libby Designs, Libby Sturdy, will be at the market, Libby hasn't been able to attend the last few markets due to scheduling conflicts with her teaching engagements. Libby will be on hand to debut the stitched model of her latest flower--Art Deco Winter Rose. This is the fourth in the series of Art Deco floral
designs. All four will be shown in the booth.


Libby's Santa's and other designs are not to be missed. All have stitch guides and she will have a generous selection for you to view.


Stop by and catch up with Libby and Dave, aka Mr. Libby. 

             Aunna Elm
Aunna Elm makes her needlepoint homecoming with these vintage inspired poster art canvases. These canvases are sure to light up the room with their charming subjects and creative added extras. Barbara Elmore (Aunna's mom) has been stitching the Robot Firefighter and writing a stitch guide. Barbara says "This is the happiest canvas I have ever stitched--pure joy!"
PS These photos represent a sneak peek.

Demasse Florale

by Barbara Elmore

So with all the fun Barbara has been having, she decided to get real with this beautiful nature inspired Floral Damask Design. Barbara incorporated the very contemporary color palette of honeysuckle and turquoise with beautiful traditional elements, they blended together to create a spectacular work of art.  

Embellishments, Trims, Bead Colors and Guatemalan Embroidered Bags
  • Sparkles - a shiny, springy, stretchy trim. We are so excited about this fun, bendy trim. The applications are limitless for this couchable metallic tube. You can stretch it skinny or scrunch it fat, twist it, twirl it, or iron it flat! Just tack it into place for instant Sparkle! Check out how Barbara Elmore used it to make fire!
  • Sequins - we have added a ton of colors and a new smaller size. It seems to me that Sundance is addicted to shine and glitz.
  • New Bead Colors - in all sizes to enhance our extensive line of seed beads.
  • We'll have a nice selection of our beautiful Guatemalan Hand Embroidered bags in the booth along with small embroidered and beaded accessory bags as well.

See us in Booth 1709 

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