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 Sign up for volunteer opportunities

Hello Parents,

I hope you have all had a restful and fun summer. The time is upon us to get ready for the upcoming school year, which I know is going to be the best yet! 

All parents are members of the ACDS parent organization, called PIE (Partners in Education). PIE's mission is promote a culture of kindness and foster a caring community at our school. These goals are at the heart of everything PIE does. Programs to support our teachers, welcome new families, and create fun and memorable events at school are just a few of the ways PIE strives to promote a sense of family and responsible citizenship at ACDS.

We can't do it without your help! Please take a moment to review the PIE Volunteer Survey (click here) and select the areas where you would like to volunteer. T here are so many ways to help, and we encourage every parent to get involved. Plus, volunteering is a great way to get to know other parents, make new friends, and enrich your child's experience at ACDS.

We look forward to getting know more of you this year. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us any time.

Brandy McAniff, PIE Parent Association Chair
Fiona Sada, PIE Parent Association Vice Chair

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