March 22, 2021
Shell Federal Credit Union (FCU) Business of the Month
TOMAGWA has been selected as Shell Federal Credit Union's Business of the Month for March 2021!
This award is presented to businesses who provide a safe and positive working atmosphere, exceed customer expectations, and actively participate in their community. Shell FCU recognizes TOMAGWA has met these expectations and demonstrated many other outstanding qualities to receive this reward.
Volunteer Spotlight: Mary Ann Vandermark
After retiring from oil and gas, Mary Ann Vandermark realized she would like a return to her former education and career, nursing with a specialization in Anesthesia. Mrs. Vandermark ran into Dr. Flower, TOMAGWA Medical Director, at a luncheon and learned about volunteering with TOMAGWA. Mrs. Vandermark quickly jumped on the opportunity.

Mrs. Vandermark has been a faithful volunteer with TOMAGWA for years and her dedication was highlighted when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the community in 2020. Mrs. Vandermark immediately reached out to see how she could help, and became one of the first volunteers to assist with delivering medications to patient homes.
Yessica Avila, Nurse Manager at TOMAGWA, described Mrs. Vandermark as "very dedicated, hands on, and willing to help in anyway needed. She always has a positive attitude, and treats our patients with dignity and respect."

Mrs. Vandermark finds volunteering at TOMAGWA meaningful since she is able to volunteer in a Christian setting, work with the "incredible staff," and support the clinic's mission.

"[Mrs. Vandermark] is awesome! We are very thankful for her time and dedication," Mrs. Avila said.
Updates for New and Existing Patients
Specialty Clinics and Patient Announcements
  • March & April Tuesday Mornings: Men's Heath Month - All patient visits for Annual Men's Exams will have their office visit fee waived & receive a Men's Hygiene Bag (donated by Direct Relief)
  • Tuesday Mornings - Well Woman Exams
  • Wednesday & Thursday Mornings - Dr. Campbell & Dr. Hemmati for Vision Appointments
  • Thursday Mornings - Food Pharmacy Pick Up
  • March 31st - Rose Mobile Mammography

*All dates are by appointment only

Make it a Night to Remember!
Join us April 22, 2021 from 6:30pm to 9:00pm
We are excited to share the news of our Annual Spring Formal Partner’s Appreciation Dinner. It will take place on April 22, 2021 in Tomball, TX. The event promises to be a fun-filled evening, offering a cocktail hour, dinner, and an inspirational program celebrating the ‘GRIT’ of our key partners in 2020!

The 2021 Partner’s Dinner offers you many opportunities to join our mission by becoming an event sponsor and gaining publicity among our many constituents while making the evening a night to remember.

Federally Qualified Health Center Look-A-Like Application FAQ's
As TOMAGWA moves from a safety-net charity clinic to a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), there have been many questions from the community about the process and what changes will occur. Every month, this section will work to address many of the common questions TOMAGWA receives. If you have any additional questions, please email
Q. Will TOMAGWA continue to prioritize care for the uninsured even though it will now accept Medicare and Medicaid?
A. Yes! TOMAGWA will still maintain complete control of its payor mix and ensure "those most in need" continue to be our priority. In fact, under FQHC guidelines, we will be able to treat a broader range of uninsured patients regardless of income.
Q. I hear that once you start accepting government funding, the headache that comes with all the extra paperwork is not worth it. Does TOMAGWA have any experience with working with the government?
A. FQHC's are part of a large community of support. HRSA developed FQHC's to help clinics cover the cost of infrastructure and overhead necessary for running quality, safe programs. All required reporting comes with resources to employ staff or obtain contracts to achieve success. TOMAGWA's current standards already met a multitude of these requirements, as we have ben a long-time research partner with several government driven programs, like Texas Vaccines for Children and Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, along with numerous grant partners who require similar detailed reporting.