The Y strives to be a place where families can find a break from the “grind” and enjoy time together having fun. Our wish for all families? Stronger bonds, greater work/life balance, and more meaningful connections within the community.

Here is Pastor Bob's story:
As a Detroit native, Pastor Davis joined the Y in 2010 to “take more control” of his life. “I wanted to of course, get in shape. I wanted to get disciplined in my lifestyle and I was just ready to make a change,” said Davis.
Davis is a husband and father of two children. He brings his son with him to the Y on Saturdays for “father and son time.” “We use that as a bonding time,” added Davis. “We normally come early in the morning, stay to the middle of the afternoon, leave here and go have some lunch.
Davis believes that it is very important for parents to spend time with their children in an environment that is fitness-oriented, such as the Y, because “Most young people are not physically active. They’re mentally active, but they are not physically active.” In Davis’ opinion the Y offers many opportunities for young people to find something to do.
“There are no recreational centers here in the city, so this is an outlet for most young people to come, play basketball, and have somewhere to go… I think they (the YMCA of Saginaw) are doing a great job housing and making this a friendly place and environment for the young people.”
Davis is the pastor of Christ Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church , locat ed in downtown Saginaw, MI. at 818 North Washington Avenue.
When speaking of his role in our community as a religious leader, Davis is humble. “I try to avail myself to be a community leader, to be a community investor, as well as be a voice for the city.”
“To get my day started with the Y is also getting my day started with my personal time with God … I put my earphones in, I can meditate, I can think, I can write,” divulged Davis.
“For me, that’s me and God time. That’s my body time. That’s me getting in tune with me, so it’s very important.”
Davis is an advocate for the opportunities offered to health seekers at the Y. “We take care of our physical body. It’s been a proven fact that exercise helps to relieve stress, so once you have that point when you are not stressing you can come to a place, get on a machine and whatever you have going on you can really let it exit you,” he encouraged.
“So, mind, body, and spirit, is important because you need the spiritual but you need your physical to be intact along with your mental, and along with your emotion. This is a good place to come to unwind.”
The Y appreciates the sacred gift of a healthy spirit, mind and body and is thankful for members like Pastor Bob Davis, who encourage people to take control and be responsible members of their families and our community.

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