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This Adventure Called Life
Rev. Claire Summerhill

If the etymology of adventure includes occurrence, risk, event, and chance, we are invited to look at where we are allowing this One Life to show up, where are we taking holy risks to evolve, how often are we taking chances (opportunities) to let our Spiritual Magnificence be our experience? 
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Community News
Claytee White, RScP

Spring is officially here! Spring is a season of rebirth, renewal, growth, and love. Center for Spiritual Living Greater Las Vegas is renewing our very existence, growing in all directions, and loving our neighbor. We are a congregation that is on the cusp of a new beginning and yet we have a lot of history. Our city and the entire world have been through the storm and like a spring flower, we are emerging anew. We have cast off our shell and have the freedom to soar. The sky is not even our limit...
Member Spotlight
Meet Melissa Kay Allen!

I didn't grow up with any organized religion. It wasn't until well into adulthood that I started seeking purpose and meaning in my life...

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