SUPPORT AB 572 (Quirk-Silva - D)

ACC-OC's sponsored legislation, Assembly Bill 572 has advanced out of the Assembly and is now in the Senate. This bill was created by our membership, and will provide regional enforcement resources to help cities and patients work with residential alcohol and other drug treatment facilities within their communities. 

The legislation would create a voluntary pilot program for the cities in the County of Orange, to fund and house a Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) Complaint Analyst to investigate local, licensed Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) complaints. The program would be  run out of the City of Costa Mesa (the Lead Agency). AB 572  would help alleviate the enforcement shortfall that is currently experienced throughout the County, and provide the highest level of care for those seeking rehabilitative services. 

ACC-OC asks that you contact the Senate Health Committee Members' Sacramento offices on the attached committee member  contact sheet, we have also provided a call "talking points" document for further assistance.  The committee will hear AB 572, TODAY, July 12th, at 1:30 PM . You may call anytime between now and then. 

Please urge the Senators to vote in the best  interest  of patients seeking rehabilitative care across the State by Supporting AB 572 when the bill is heard in their committee, tomorrow. We have included Sample Support Letters for your use and review: 
Should you have any questions please contact Legislative Affairs Director, Diana Coronado, at  (714) 953-1300 or at