CT Paid Leave
What you need to know as the employer and
the employee
CT SBDC will cover:
Which employee must participate
Who will be eligible for paid leave
The resources available to support implementation

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The CT Paid Leave program applies to all Connecticut businesses with one or more workers, therefore it is important for all employers with Connecticut workers to register with the CT Paid Leave Authority. As registration began in November, it is now vital to visit CTPaidLeave.org to register your business by December 31, 2020. 

Sole proprietors and those who are self-employed may participate in the program
through the registration process.  

To begin, please visit the CT Paid Leave website’s registration page by
clicking the button below.
In order to register your business, please make sure you have established a state identity for your business through business.ct.gov. Once your business has a state identity, you will be able to sign in and begin the registration process. 

Please note the registration process may differ depending on your type of business, and whether a company administrator or a third-party administrator handles your payroll. The registration for each business type is laid out in detail on the CT Paid Leave registration page. There are also helpful video tutorials to help guide you through the process. 
Key Program Dates
  • November 2020: Registration began for Connecticut businesses.
  • January 1, 2021: Employee payroll deductions of one-half of one percent (0.5%) begin.
  • January 1, 2022: Covered employees become eligible for paid leave benefits.

Note: payroll contributions are due quarterly. The first payment is due no later than April 30, 2021.
What is my roll as the employer?

The funding to support the CTPL program will come in the form of employee payroll deductions beginning January 1, 2021. These payroll deductions are capped at 0.5% and there is no employer match.

Note: Because contributions are only based on earnings up to the Social Security cap, this requires estimations in some instances.

Employers will be responsible for withholding and submitting the payroll deductions for each employee. These deductions must be submitted to the CT Paid Leave Authority quarterly.

Failure to make appropriate contributions may result in penalties in addition to the required withholdings.

Employees will apply to their employers for time away from work. Employees will apply to the CT Paid Leave Authority for paid leave benefits in order to receive income replacement while they are on leave. In some situations, it will be necessary for the employee, the employer and the Paid Leave Authority to communicate in order to establish the reason for the leave or to verify the duration and frequency of the leave.

How Do I Register My Business With
The Paid Leave Authority?

As an employer, you must register with the CT Paid Leave Authority. The information you must provide depends on your type of business.
Depending on your type of business, you may need additional instructions
on the registration process.

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What is my roll as the employee?

As a covered employee in the State of Connecticut, the Connecticut Paid Leave (CTPL) program presents the opportunity for you to take time to take care of yourself and your family’s health needs without worrying about lost income while you are away from work.

The Connecticut Paid Leave (CTPL) program covers all employers with one or more employees and is accessible to all employees who have met certain earned-wage thresholds. Those who are self-employed or are sole proprietors are eligible to opt-in to the program.

Covered employees in Connecticut are eligible for benefits under the PFMLA if they have earned wages of at least $2,325 in the highest quarter of the first four of the five most recently completed quarters and are currently employed, or have been employed within the last 12 weeks, or are self-employed, a sole proprietor and a Connecticut resident enrolled in the program.

Wages may include salary or hourly pay, vacation pay, holiday pay, tips, commissions, severance pay and the cash value of any “in-kind” payments.

If you are an employee who is eligible for the CTPL program and you are experiencing one of the qualifying reasons for leave, you are entitled to up to twelve (12) weeks of paid leave benefits. In the event you experience a serious health condition resulting in incapacitation that occurs during a pregnancy, you may qualify for an additional two (2) weeks of paid leave benefits under the CTPL program.

Paid leave benefits may be received for time off taken as consecutive days and weeks, but may also be received for time off taken intermittently in certain circumstances.

As a covered employee, your benefit rate will be calculated in the following ways:

• If your wages are less than or equal to the Connecticut minimum wage multiplied by 40, your weekly benefit rate under the PFMLA will be 95% of your average weekly wage.

• Note: 40 times the minimum wage will be equal to $520 weekly in January 2022, increasing to $560 on July 1, 2022, and $600 on June 1, 2023.

• If your wages exceed the Connecticut minimum wage multiplied by 40, your weekly benefit rate will be 95% of the Connecticut minimum wage multiplied by 40 plus 60% of the amount your average weekly wage exceeds the Connecticut minimum wage multiplied by 40. The benefit rate is capped at 60 times the Connecticut minimum wage.

• Note: 60 times the minimum wage will be equal to $780 weekly in January 2022, increasing to $840 on July 1, 2022, and $900 on June 1, 2023.

The PFMLA stipulates benefit rates may be reduced if revenue is insufficient.

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