Thanks to all who are helping Reut to help the Tarahumara in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico.

We've placed an order for a pallet of sewing machines -- about a dozen. We've received about that many as donations, too.

There's still time to help out (and we'll ask again before she's on her way back to the mountains.)

If you've got a sewing machine that needs a second life, working or not, Jeremi will set it to running and Reut will run it across the border.

If you're feeling especially generous or you don't have a machine, we'll stake an EverSewn Sparrow 15 at under cost for this endeavor. That's right, $100 will send a new machine to folks who really could use of it. (Or chip in what you can.) We'll cover the price difference plus the freight and help defray Reut's expenses, too.

There's also need for fabric, so if you've got some you're not in love with anymore, drop it off, too.

Catch this ...
Join us, tomorrow, Saturday, July 24th when Hip Stitch turns 13.

You'll reel in savings on this new fishing collection.
Traditional prints will all be on sale. We're newly restocked -- a great selection awaits you

We've got prize drawings and refreshments, too.
Regional favorites, to help you get ready for the tourists. (Six hundred balloons slated for this year's Fiesta!)
Kits to make your life easier -- all included and ready for you to get busy. Also on sale!
Step lively, new Alexander Henry fabrics like "Let's Dance" all part of the storewide sale.
Hot prints like "La Mascarada" await you. Many favorite motifs on this Alexander Henry print.
FREE Sewing Scissor Sharpening!
(1 pair free)
Save 20% on EVERYTHING!
(A couple of exceptions, see store for details ...
No, you can't get a Featherweight for 20 percent off ...)

Out of state? Immune system issues?
Saturday we'll have 20% off everything ONLINE too!

Park across the street at 2329 -- we've got admin offices, so we get use of this lot, too!
Multiple registers to help you keep a good social distance!
Masks requested


Let me tell you how it will be:
It's a retail truism that: "It's called a P.O.S. for a reason." The letters are short for "point of sale" - what used to be the cash register.

Nowadays, it's a computerized integrated system the store revolves around. It tracks inventory, customer purchase history and more. It's all computers and software and pretty amazing.

Every once in a while, we start thinking that POS stands for something else ... Such sophistication means it's possible for error to creep in.

No pennies on Mel's eyes: She spotted an error regarding NMGRT tax collection, trapped it down to a date range, and made sure it's no longer an issue. Some charges were overtaxed.

Not our money to keep, nor does it fall into the category of "one for you, 19 for me" which you may have heard about. It's your money and it's headed back to you.

We are in the process of refunding -- cash or charged back to your card for larger amounts. Credit to your store account for small ones.

But 100% refunded ... as it should be.
We're bringing back Craft Night!
4th Friday of the month (gulp, that's TONIGHT)
(unless it falls on a holiday, in which case, we'll be holiday-ing)
Starts in July. Let's get to know one another again!

Now that Reut's back, you may be able to make your own shibori fabric in one of her future classes.

In the meantime, we've got pre-cuts and yardage from the Tochi collection to tide you over. Not actually hand-dyed, but a suitable stand-in for many projects.

Fabrics for Pre-order
Where did you go, Joe ...
What's that you say? Joltin' Joe has left and gone away? Fortunately, Janet Wecker Frisch has poured her creativity into this refreshing collection.

Shown here, just a choice taste of the collection to give you an instant take. Pour over the whole collection at the link below.

It includes several blenders you can stir into your next project. We'll be receiving this collection about September. Preorder now and save 20 percent. Now that's a deal to get perked up about.

Says Valori Wells of her new collection: "Enchanted arose from my experience of the magical color, intricate designs, and generous people I discovered in and around Marrakech. The colors of the city are intense and vibrant, from the rugs to the spices, they can’t be ignored.”

Gingiber "Words to Live By"

The blocks on this panel measure about 11 by 11. The rest of the collection features poppies along with interesting geometrics and botanical prints.

If you (or somebody you know) needs a bit of inspiration or encouragement start right here. Preorder Now!

It's beginning to look
a lot like Halloween ...

Get in the spirit
From Jeremi's Workshop:
We have come here to ...

... chew bubblegum and paint Featherweights.

... and we're all out of bubblegum ... !

This machine is a departure from the typical saturated colors we do. They live in their own universe -- bubblegum pinks, Barbie pinks.

This machine is so subtle that we want to take a couple of extra photos to highlight just how pale of a pink this palest pink machine is.
Shown with color reference -- a popular set of artists tools, a sheet of white paper and a photographer's 18 percent gray card.
Silver decals; a deft touch, lending a bit of added sophistication that even a WWE wrestling fan or a rowdy piper might appreciate.
Sunday Super Saver

Look for the big question mark at the bottom of our website homepage. Every Sunday, we'll have something on offer that is a MINIMUM of 33 percent off.

The sale starts at 8 a.m. and continues until the item is sold out!

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Make sure you have received your notification that your order is ready if you're coming by for curbside pick-up. If you place several orders, please know that the notifications are automatic and the notice that your first order is ready doesn't mean your second or third is ready.
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