May 25, 2021
NATO 2030:
Strengthening the Alliance to Address New Security Threats
With the next Summit of Allied Leaders set to take place at NATO headquarters in Brussels on June 14, the World Affairs Councils of America (WACA) presents this forward-looking online speaker series! Be sure to visit our dedicated website for this special program.
Six World Affairs Councils will host senior-level NATO officials and ambassadors from Allied countries May 17-27, 2021.

NATO 2030 YouTube Playlist

Did you miss any of last week's NATO 2030 programs? You can find the recordings on WACA's YouTube Channel as well as on the homepage.
Energy Security and Resilient Trade
TODAY, March 25, at 12 PM CT / 1 PM ET / 7 PM Brussels
The world is changing. NATO, the transatlantic alliance, is continuing to adapt to keep Americans and Europeans safe in this decade and beyond. The NATO 2030 initiative is about making sure our Alliance remains ready today to face tomorrow’s challenges. At the June 14 NATO Summit in Brussels, President Biden and 29 Allied Leaders will take decisions on the substantive and forward-looking NATO 2030 agenda: Russia’s aggressive actions, the threat of terrorism, cyber attacks, emerging and disruptive technologies, the security impact of climate change, and the rise of China.

Today, two top speakers are engaging WAC Houston's regional audience and the nationwide Council network about the need for NATO members to work together to maintain energy security, strong supply chains and resilient trade practices.

Ambassador Spiros Lambridis
Permanent Representative of Greece on the North Atlantic Council

David Cattler
Assistant Secretary General for Intelligence and Security, NATO

John England (Moderator)
Partner, Oil and Gas, Deloitte & Touche LLP
NATO 2030 Schedule of Programs
NOTE: Separate registration is required for each and every program in this special series.
Monday, May 17
11 AM MT / 1 PM ET
"NATO as Strategic Anchor - Arms Control and Russia" (Video)
Wednesday, May 19
11 AM MT / 1 PM ET
"21st Century Dilemmas of a Nuclear Alliance" (Video)
Thursday, May 20
12 PM CT / 1 PM ET
"Climate, Security, and Green Defense" (Video)
Monday, May 24
12 PM CT / 1 PM ET
"Outer Space as an Operational Domain"
Tuesday, May 25
12 PM CT / 1 PM ET
"Energy Security, Resilient Trade & the Defense of Democracy"
Thursday, May 27
11 AM PT / 2 PM ET
"Emerging and Disruptive Technology (EDT) and Cybersecurity"
This series is sponsored by NATO's Public Diplomacy Division.
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