Food Insecure Californians Can't Wait Any Longer
Join the National Call-in Day urging immediate federal action

We need your help with one last big push to secure comprehensive COVID relief. Federal negotiations have stalled, and without congressional action millions of Californians will lose out on the resources they need to weather this crisis.

Last week, Senate democrats voted down leader McConnell's  inadequate "skinny" bill, because it fell vastly short of addressing the breadth and gravity of the COVID crisis. Unfortunately, the Senator doesn't appear to be advancing a counterproposal, and we are still nowhere closer to a coronavirus deal than we were back in May when the House passed the HEROES act. Several months have since passed, and we are in an "all hands on deck" moment. If congress fails to find agreement on a relief package before the end of September, we may not have COVID relief until early 2021. Given rising hunger, that timeline is unacceptable.

Join the National Call-in Day - TODAY!
On Wednesday, September 16, Advocates across the country are coming together for a national call-in day to urge Congress and the administration to immediately pass a comprehensive COVID-19 emergency relief package. 

Many of California's members of congress have been fighting hard for comprehensive COVID relief. But we need to encourage them to keep up the fight. Here's how you can help:
  • Call Your Members of Congress  
    Join the September 16th call in day and encourage others to join you. Click here for a sample script and congressional contacts. 
  • Get Active on Social
    This Hunger Relief Toolkit includes California-specific social media resources. 
  • Make Some Noise
    Issue public statements and help generate media through op-eds, letters to the editor, and editorial board outreach.

Questions? Contact: Melissa Cannon at 209.200.8446 or visit or