June 6, 2021


I have an exciting and urgent announcement. I have decided to partner with NicaLove as the charitable arm of O2 Yoga. Call this the part of O2 that allows for a global reach, and the practice of SEVA or service to communities that are in great need. I will be hosting our first retreat in Nicaragua in 2022 which will incorporate yoga on the mat, beautiful plants, animals, beaches, and people, Spanish lessons, surf lessons, vegan cooking classes, and best of all opportunities to volunteer in the community.

And here is where you come in. As many of you know, I just returned from a trip to Nicaragua (check out the post below). TODAY is a huge fundraising day for organizations based in NH like NicaLove. An incredibly generous O2 Yoga Student has offered to match all O2 based donations to NicaLove. All you have to do is donate, and then send MIMI an email. And honestly, no donation is too small (or too big for that matter!) because money goes a long, long way in Nicaragua.

Thank you in advance for helping me and NicaLove to improve the lives of creatures great and small. May all beings find peace and happiness and relief from suffering, and may we have the courage and the wisdom to alleviate suffering when we see it.

With love, light, gratitude, Mimi


Yoga In Action

A few years ago, my friend Julie adopted a beautiful girl named Belen from an orphanage in Nicaragua. She had started volunteering there and was very involved in supporting the community, especially the kids. Fast forward to today, and she is now the founder of NicaLove and I am on her board. I serve as Vice President a.k.a. Vice Lady Always with Dogs. (That is what the community calls Julie here, in Spanish, of course, and without the Vice.) There is a very long story in between, but I want to tell you about my incredible experience of being here in Nica with Julie doing the work that she does.

It has been busy, chaotic, sometimes incredibly stressful, painful, emotional, dirty, and so, so, satisfying. There is a branch of yoga called Seva, which means service. Julie is a master guru of Seva Yoga.

Here is a quick rundown of what we have accomplished in five days:

  • Assisted the shelter she works with, Fundación ADAN, to vaccinate and de-worm 57 of the 280 animals under her care (split between 13 foster homes and the shelter), cut nails, clean, and most importantly give the beasties lots of love and attention
  • Secured non-profit status in New Hampshire
  • Transported, and assisted in 39 spay/neuters (29 dogs and 10 cats)
  • Bought and installed two new white boards and brought school supplies to local schools
  • Purchased and delivered masks, rubbing alcohol, sanitizer, fruits, and veggies to local families. COVID is still very present here.
  • Visited and brought food and presents like watermelons (who knew?) to a retired, rescued working cart-horse named Polomo (below), who now lives on a farm sanctuary
  • Fostered, vaccinated, cleaned up and socialized two beautiful puppies (above) who we will be taking back with us on the plane to be rescued by loving families
  • I had thought I would try to teach at least one class from here, but I barely got on my mat except for a brief moment with the beauties below. I was too tired, busy, and filthy to do any yoga (at least on the mat.)
  • However, we have started planning a yoga retreat here in Nica for this winter that will include surfing, vegan food, animal and community work, and yoga both on and off the mat.
  • Steven and I are donating a washing machine to the shelter, as they have been washing all of the towels, blankets, beds, sheets by hand which is incredibly labor intensive and time consuming. This will give Elisa (below) more time to do the work that she should be doing and is so good at. I saw her break down and cry about two puppies that died in her care that she feels responsible for. It is all-consuming, difficult work.
Polomo (above) and Mimi on her mat with new friends (below)
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