Excitement is building for our 11th Annual World Sleep Day happening today, March 16 . Activities are taking place around the world and we will be highlighting them on worldsleepday.org and social media with the hashtag #WorldSleepDay .
Sleep Society of Thailand held "World Sleep Day 2018 Walk Rally” to promote good sleep hygiene in Thai people. 
Nithra Institute of Sleep Sciences ART Competition on "How is your Sleep." Winners in children 6-10 years & 11-16 years.
  • 173 delegates have already signed up to plan an awareness event. The number is growing each hour!
  • 80 sleep awareness activities have been added (with more being submitted).
  • 32 countries are participating in World Sleep Day so far.
  • New this year: Events in the countries of Norway, Singapore, Greece, Burkina Faso and Bangladesh!
  • Activities are added to worldsleepday.org/activities as they are submitted by delegates.
  • Social media updates are uniting the globe as events are shared under the hashtag #WorldSleepDay.
  • Be sure to submit the details of your activity to be included in the 2018 tally of activities by April 16.

Our 2018 partners include Westin Hotels & Resorts, AM Life, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, Fidia Farmaceutici and Dermalogica
World Sleep Day is an annual awareness event hosted by World Sleep Society.