TOLI provides professional development seminars for educators in the US and abroad that link the lessons of the Holocaust and other genocides to current world events, thereby working with teachers to promote a human rights and social justice agenda in their classrooms.
The Olga Lengyel Institute for Holocaust Studies and Human Rights
US: TOLI Plans 15 Teacher
Seminars in 2021
Fifteen seminars offering professional development for Holocaust educators are scheduled for the US this summer, whether in person or virtual to be decided according to the public health situation. These include Satellite Seminars, offered in 14 states across the country, and the flagship New York Seminar, planned for 10 days in June. TOLI made a successful shift last year to online programs, offering a full schedule of workshops, study groups, lectures, and webinars.

For dates, format, and the specific focus of each US program for 2021:
Spain, Serbia Join TOLI Network
in Europe
Spain and Serbia will join the network of 10 European countries this year where TOLI conducts teacher training programs. Along with the annual seminars in Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, and Ukraine, TOLI will also hold an international conference for educators in Poland in 2021. (Greece and Portugal programs resume in 2022.) Webinars are scheduled for TOLI alumni teachers to share best practices and collaborative possibilities in Europe. These follow TOLI's highly successful European Transnational Seminar, bringing together teachers from 15 countries in 2020.

For details of TOLI activities in Europe:
In Memoriam, Irving Roth
and William Bernheim
We mourn the passing of William (Willy) Bernheim and Irving Roth. Survivors of Auschwitz, each had overcome the horrors of the Holocaust to create full and inspiring lives. Irving, through his lectures, books, and compelling personal testimony, mentored countless teachers and students. (See Sondra Perl’s remembrance here). Willy, through his irrepressible optimism and extraordinary art, left an uplifting legacy of the human spirit. (View Willy Bernheim’s art here.) Willy and Irving were beloved and inspiring speakers at TOLI seminars. May their memories be for a blessing.
Willy Bernheim, 1922-2021
Irving Roth, 1929-2021
Public Webinar Series: “Extremism Online and in the Community”
TOLI launched its public webinar series on Feb. 17 with a panel discussion entitled “Extremism Online and in the Community." The speakers were former TOLI board member Deborah Lauter, now the Executive Director of the NYC Office to Prevent Hate Crimes, and Andrew Marantz, writer for the New Yorker and author of a book about extremism on the internet. The video of the webinar was featured on The Times of Israel website and will be posted soon on the TOLI website. 
Estate Gift in Memory of
Kathy Carlisle
TOLI received a generous gift of $100,000 from the estate of Sandra Carlisle. Sandra bequeathed the donation in memory of her daughter Kathy Carlisle, a TOLI teacher from Sacramento, California and a graduate of the 2012 New York Seminar. Kathy was a high school art teacher, photographer, and painter who was dedicated to illuminating the lessons of the Holocaust through her art and the art of her students. Kathy was the inspiration for TOLI’s International Student Art Exhibit, now in its second year. 
If you are interested in establishing a legacy gift to TOLI, please contact Mark Berez at 212-249-5384.
TOLI Awarded Grants From Montana, North Carolina, and Oklahoma
TOLI has received grants from Humanities Montana, North Carolina Humanities, and Oklahoma Humanities to support three of our 2021 Satellite Seminars. Humanities Montana has provided funding for Worlds Apart but Not Strangers: Holocaust Education and Indian Education for All, which is designed for teachers interested in making connections between Holocaust education and the state-mandated Indian Education for All. North Carolina Humanities has funded Defying the “Single Story”: Resistance, Holocaust, and Human Rights in the Classroom, which will center around the theme of resistance and the Jewish experience, with local examples from the African American and Native American communities. Oklahoma Humanities has provided funding for Social Justice Lessons in the Heartland: Exploring the Holocaust and Human Rights in Oklahoma’s History, which will study the Holocaust and the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, examining thematic connections that link these past events to the present as one way to teach about social justice. 
All three funders are affiliates of the National Endowment for the Humanities.
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