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TOM OF FINLAND © 1976-2019 Tom of Finland Foundation
As we approach this upcoming landmark year of TOM's centenary, the Foundation has been reviewing the public programs we offer and income received from the public in the form of donations and memberships to support these programs. The Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) public charity and is required to be both serving the public and supported by the public.
We cannot do this work without continued support from individuals and members like you.
Together, we can - through protection, preservation and promotion - educate both our own community and the public on the merits of erotic art, its integration into culture, and how it produces healthier and more tolerant attitudes toward all aspects of sexuality.

For every donation/membership made between now and the end of the year, a generous benefactor will match your gift (up to $5,000).
Events & Exhibitions
Dark Art Emporium 
by Steven Johnson Leyba
11th January 2020
Steven Johnson Leyba
Long Beach, CA 
Half Native American and full TERROR in this politically correct authoritarian time. Leyba is a 'Sexpressionist' painter, performance artist, author and the most original and unconventional book maker. Internationally known for being masterful yet controversial, Leyba is extreme, and makes no apologies for it.

"We need Leyba! He of the unwavering penetrating eye of truth. The man is truly heroic in his fearless exposure of corporate mind control and his absolute refusal to be hoodwinked into the all pervasive societal sugar coma trance state induced by the wielders of the great consumer spell. His writing (like his PAINting) is incisive, cutting through all the BS with laser beam intensity and shining a fierce and blazing light into the dark covert corners to expose all that the corrupt hypocrites endeavor to keep from being seen. Coyote rising! HOWL!"

- David J.
Bahuas & Love and Rockets
The Gallery Liverpool
by Ben Youdan
Through 12th January 2020
BEN YOUDAN, Joe, 2019 
Curated by Duovision with assistance from Arts Council England.
Liverpool, UK 
"TOM house is inherently inspiring. There is a magical sense of mischief around every corner. it is a very special place indeed... I like to work with a wide variety of models who are different shapes, sizes, colours and ages, as male beauty and sexuality in all its forms is something I believe should be celebrated. For me the sexiness of my subjects lies in their confidence." -Ben Youdan

sadOsam magazine

News & Announcements
The definition of a life well lived:
Dan Berkowitz
Dan Berkowitz (Image via Tom of Finland Foundation)
Dan was a past president of Tom of Finland Foundation. Among the many things he accomplished here, was a campaign he spearheaded to perform a number of essential repairs to the Foundation's headquarters, some exacerbated by a 1994 earthquake. He will be remembered for coordinating events with our hard-working ToFF volunteers and contributions to our newsletter.
Instagram's murky 'shadow bans' just serve
to censor marginalised communities
Photograph: Bernice Mulenga, The Guardian 
"The vagueness of IG's shadow-banning policy leaves users confused as to what is and isn't appropriate."
- Chanté Joseph
The Guardian 
Fetish is a big part of early 21st century culture  
Cover photo: Raf & Way, Recon
Read The Spirit of Fetish by Rick Castro in issue 02 of Recon.
Pick up a copy at TOM House.
A RED HOT Thank you!
Tom of Finland Foundation thanks The Los Angeles Band of Brothers for presenting our Foundation with your Honorary Membership Award at the Eagle LA, 15th December 2019. We are honored to have you as a part of our family and home for the past decade. The Foundation is very appreciative for your continued support and assistance in the furtherance of our goals.
Silver glitter
Photo: Miguel Angel Reyes
Presents the
Community Vanguard Award
Tom of Finland Foundation

"We Recognize the Foundation's Many
Decades as a Beacon of Art, Unity,
Celebration, Leadership, and Love Amongst
the LGBT+ Community and Beyond"
Thanking everyone for their generosity
Our collection is growing. 2019 was a very busy year, and we were gifted over 500 new works to the collection and archive. We are remembering, here, some highlights.
Just beautiful
Illustration by JBG
Inspired by the Tom of Finland X collab Tom of Finland: 1957
"I love how Tom of Finland's work kind of charted a map of the gay archetypes, it's almost very primal and biblical, like a zodiac chart or even tarot cards: the cop, the biker, the sailor, the athlete, the pretty boy, the leather daddy... It's always wonderful when someone suddenly gives you this, like a new pair of eyeglasses which changes your vision, makes you see things that were right under your nose all this time."
- JBG, 2019 
It's that TOM of year
  'Tis the most wonderful!

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