My Gay Eye - Homage to Tom of Finland
17th August - 11th September


Exhibition and book presentation with a
 selection of work from artists in the current anthology of the same name including:
Johnny Alexandre Abbate, Aries, Henning von Berg, Rick Castro, Greg Day, Norman Deigan, Domino, Rubén Esparza, Gorilla, Florian Hetz, The Hun, Nigel Kent, Michael Kirwan, Patrick Lee, Link, Yu-liang Liu, Manflesh, Muscle Matt, Minoru, Goh Mishima, Olaf, Sven Oliver, Palanca, Teddy of Paris, Joe Phillips, Sean Platter, Stuart Sandford

Curated by Rinaldo Hopf and  Durk Dehner

My Gay Eye - Tom of Finland
8th September


Special guests at exhibition: 
Helmut Josef Geier, known professionally as DJ Hell, with his hit single. Joined by Durk Dehner and Rinaldo Hopf.

The Ballery - Schöneberg

Classic Meets Fetish
6th September


A brand new and uniquely sexy experience for all lovers of classical music and fetish clothing. 

Professional, qualified and internationally distinguished musicians will not only perform a variety of classical "hits", but do this in fetish outfits for a fetish audience. The 30-minute intermission gives the audience plenty of time to mix and mingle, and maybe make some new contacts in time for the Folsom Weekend.

After all the costs for production and manpower have been deducted, the remaining amount of money generated by this year's concert will be donated to Tom's Foundation in Los Angeles.

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