April 28, 2021
Join the Golf Tournament Committee for the September 2021 Golf Tournament!
If you're interested in joining the planning committee, please contact Katina Mein,
Senior Director of Development,
at katinam@tomagwa.org or 832.559.5215
Volunteer Spotlight: Captain Monica Chau
Monica Chau is a volunteer dentist at TOMAGWA and a Captain in the Army National Guard. She began volunteering at TOMAGWA in July 2019. Captain Chau began volunteering because she has always grown up with the mindset to help her community and discovered TOMAGWA after dental school. She found it was a way to use the skills gained in school to give back to those less fortunate. "Growing up, our community provided a foundation for my sisters and I as we tackled difficult obstacles," Captain Chau said, "[it] helped give us the strength needed to persevere."

At TOMAGWA, Captain Chau is critical to saving patients time, as they no longer have to travel or get stuck on a wait list at other clinics, and tens of thousands of dollars.
Dr. Janice Nguyen, Dental Director at TOMAGWA, described Captain Chau as "compassionate, kind, and jubilant." Dr. Nguyen went on to describe her as "a part of our TOMAGWA family."
Captain Chau finds volunteering at TOMAGWA meaningful due to the interactions she has with everyone at TOMAGWA. Either with patients, staff, or other health care providers. She described it as always being a memorable experience each time she volunteers.

Outside of volunteering, Captain Chau serves in the Army National Guard to ensure soldiers are dentally ready. Additionally, this year she has served on special COVID-19 Operations. While maintaining her service, Captain Chau still finds the time to consistently volunteer at TOMAGWA. "We are appreciative of every thing Captain Chau does and we're blessed that she is so dedicated to our patients," Dr. Nguyen said.

Updates for New and Existing Patients
Specialty Clinics and Patient Announcements
  • Tuesday Mornings - Well Woman Exams
  • Wednesday & Thursday Mornings - Dr. Campbell & Dr. Hemmati for Vision Appointments
  • Thursday Mornings - Food Pharmacy Pick Up

*All dates are by appointment only

Federally Qualified Health Center Look-A-Like Application FAQ's
As TOMAGWA moves from a safety-net charity clinic to a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), there have been many questions from the community about the process and what changes will occur. Every month, this section will work to address many of the common questions TOMAGWA receives. If you have any additional questions, please email admin@tomagwa.org.
Q. Will TOMAGWA continue to prioritize care for the uninsured even though it will now accept Medicare and Medicaid?
A. Yes! TOMAGWA will still maintain complete control of its payor mix and ensure "those most in need" continue to be our priority. In fact, under FQHC guidelines, we will be able to treat a broader range of uninsured patients regardless of income.
Q. How will TOMAGWA's board authority and governance change?
A. TOMAGWA will not only continue to have a board of directors composed of its community members, but 51% of the board will now also consist of patients to ensure quality and patient experience remain our focus.