November 8, 2021
What does upgrading to Athena One EMR mean to the patients of TOMAGWA?
Staff members who played a pivotal role in implementing the new system share how upgrading Athena improves patient care, from their perspective.

Amber Guindon, VP of Operations- This upgrade allows patients to schedule their own appointments and communicate with their care team, through the patient portal. Text messaging fosters the sharing of updates and changes in real time. New patients are welcomed into TOMAGWA quicker, with decreased wait times, all thanks to the upgraded Athena.

Markeysha Small, Director of Finance-The Athena implementation has brought great benefits to our patients by aligning better workflows and processing new insurance payers. In the near future, TOMAGWA will open our range to accept patients who receive Medicare and Medicaid benefits. 

Diana Gayle, Director of Nursing- From a health care team perspective, patients can communicate easier with us, via their patient portal. We are able to increase patient engagement and knowledge of the care plan by making patient care summaries immediately available in the portal, after each visit. Athena is improving patient care delivery by streamlining internal processes of the health care team.

We look forward to the positive impact these infrastructure changes will have on our operations, allowing us to better serve our patients and community. We thank you for your continued support and patience.
Volunteer Spotlight
Volunteer work is the cornerstone that joins charitable service and hard work, and our volunteers remain vital to the success of TOMAGWA. Their active participation in fundraising, marketing, and community events saves our organization millions of dollars a year, allowing us to direct those funds directly towards patient care.

Cliff Rampy, President of Axis Tools and former TOMAGWA board member has been instrumental in helping to keep the doors open and enabling us to deliver vital programs and services to our patients. He lends his expertise on the board of directors, fundraising campaigns, and special events.

"I got involved with TOMAGWA when we were an overcrowded clinic operating near the current facility. I was involved in the very first banquet fundraiser where I met volunteers and community leaders working hard for the cause. We raised funds to build out the current facility and the capital to purchase the building. I joined the Board of Directors shortly after that and Sherry and I have always included TOMAGWA in our planning annually by giving as much as we could."

In addition to volunteering on the Board, Cliff has greatly contributed to the success of TOMAGWA's largest fundraiser of year, Birdie's for Blue Charity Golf Tournament.

"The golf tournament is an event that I started along with volunteers to assist. As a retired golf course owner this was a natural fit. I have played host to many golf tournaments to raise funds for a charity. TOMAGWA is a ministry that gives HOPE and provides for the individual who is in need. I love to support this ministry. As I retire from the grind of daily life, I will always keep TOMAGWA in my thoughts, prayers and giving."

We are so grateful for his love and commitment to our mission and wish him the best on his future endeavors.
TOMAGWA offers FREE Flu Shots!
Flu Season is here, let's get prepared!

FREE Flu Shots available to adults & children

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Updates for New and Existing Patients
Specialty Clinics and Patient Announcements
  • Tuesday Mornings - Well Woman Exams
  • Wednesday & Thursday Mornings - Dr. Campbell & Dr. Hemmati for Vision Appointments
  • Thursday Mornings - Food Pharmacy Pick Up
  • Tuesdays- Immunization appointments for children (through TVFC) are available at TOMAGWA Magnolia 1-4 pm by appointment only. *
  • Fridays- Waller dental services are available 8am-4pm by appointment only *

*All dates are by appointment only

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