February 9, 2021
2020 Year in Review
2020 Excellence in Quality Patient Care Awards
Recognition from the Texas Assocation of Charitable Clinics (TXACC) for meeting the highest set of Operational and Quality Standards for member organizations.
Recognition from the National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics (NAFC) for meeting the highest set of Quality Standards for member organizations.
Recognition from the American Heart Association and the American Medical Association for achieving 70% or greater blood pressure control among adult patients. TOMAGWA was able to achieve this by conducting 264 EKGs and maintaining care for hypertension patients with new programs such as the food pharmacy and increasing access to blood pressure cuffs at home.
Volunteer Spotlight: Sheri Hamm - Decades of Devoted Service
Sheri Hamm and the Cypress Woodlands Junior Forum (CWJF) Support the Start of the New Food Pharmacy at TOMAGWA
Sheri Hamm was introduced to TOMAGWA through the Cypress Woodlands Junior Forum (CWJF) in 1998. TOMAGWA was starting an immunization pilot program, addressing the growing need for access to affordable vaccines. It quickly became clear that volunteers would be needed and TOMAGWA knew CWJF could spearhead the immense project. As a new and promising member, CWJF asked Sheri to support TOMAGWA staff in developing and chairing the pilot TOMAGWA immunization program.

Sheri fondly recalls her dedication to the program, “For three years I didn’t go anywhere, for three years I spent every Thursday here [at the immunization clinic]. I didn’t travel for work or vacation. After I became involved, I wanted it to work.” Three years later, and with the help of other CWJF volunteers, the immunization program was successfully up and running. The now award-winning program provided immunizations to over 300 community members in 2020. 

Sheri and the CWJF’s incredible dedication to TOMAGWA has not wavered since 1998, as they continue assisting with the immunization program and front desks for the dental and medical clinics at TOMAGWA Tomball - The Ryan Paul Whitaker Memorial Medical Center location. 
In 2020, TOMAGWA noticed another growing need in the community for access to healthy food, necessary for patients managing chronic conditions like diabetes and/or hypertension. TOMAGWA and the American Heart Associate partnered to create a food pharmacy that allows qualifying patients to receive boxes of fresh, healthy foods such as vegetables and fruit.

Updates for New and Existing Patients
Specialty Clinics and Patient Announcements
*Tomball - The Ryan Paul Whitaker Memorial Medical Center:
  • Tuesday Mornings - Well Woman Exams
  • Thursday Mornings - Food Pharmacy Pick Up
  • February 17th - Dr. Campbell for Vision Appointments
*Magnolia - Landmark Building:
  • February 11th - A&M Well Woman Exams
*All dates are by appointment only

Federally Qualified Health Center Look-A-Like Application FAQ's
As TOMAGWA moves from a safety-net charity clinic to a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC), there have been many questions from the community about the process and what changes will occur. Every month, this section will work to address many of the common questions TOMAGWA receives. If you have any additional questions, please email alexisk@tomagwa.org.
Q. Does FQHC mean that TOMAGWA will now be a government clinic?
A. No, TOMAGWA will remain a community-based clinic focused on meeting the needs of its current service area. FQHC simply means that TOMAGWA meets the quality compliance standards required to compete for HRSA government grants. The average person will notice that TOMAGWA will have more clinical staff, supplies, and other resources to provide care for additional families, more efficiently.
Q. Will TOMAGWA remain a Christian ministry, with the freedom to practice within faith, the way it always has?
A. Yes! TOMAGWA will continue to be led by the morals of Christians to care for the poor and sick. HRSA places no limitations or restrictions on faith, if it's consistently communicated to all.