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December 2023





Recent events

The Hensher - Stopher Dialogue

In Conversation with Peter at 80!

TOMNET and ITLS of the University of Sydney organized a special event, featuring a conversation between Professors David Hensher and Peter R. Stopher, in celebration of Dr. Stopher's 80th birthday. This memorable occasion showcased a milestone celebration and an exchange of insights into transport data, models, and policy. Oct 10, 2023. Click to watch recording...

Explore other recent TOMNET seminars:

  • Abdul Pinjari, Indian Institute of Science. Choice Models with Errors in Human Perception of Physical Quantities: Applications in Driver Behavior Modeling. May 11, 2023.
  • Chris Cherry, University of Tennessee. Micromobility Policy Insights Drawn From Emerging Data Sources. April 27, 2023.
  • Vikash Gayah, Pennsylvania State University. Improving Mobility in Urban Street Networks via Network-Wide and Decentralized Traffic Signal Control Strategies. April 13, 2023.
  • Jason Hawkins, University of Nebraska–Lincoln. An Integrative Theory of Transportation and Location Decision-Making. February 27, 2023
  • Ilgin Guler, Pennsylvania State University. Location Selection and Investment Sequencing for Transit Priority. February 3, 2023.


  • Discover the “Pathways to the Future” NSF Workshop: Connecting Communities through Sustainable Urban Mobility | Oct 15, 2023; ASU Downtown, Phoenix, AZ | See digital archive...
  • Autonomous Vehicles Serving Local Mobility Needs: Public Panel | Sep 23, 2022; ASU LA Center, Los Angeles, CA | Click for details...
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Open-access data and tools

TOMNET Wellbeing Platform

Discover TOMNET's latest innovation—an open-source tool that features three activity/time-use-based wellbeing metrics! The tool can be used to track changes in wellbeing over time, across different locations, and among various demographic groups, thereby offering valuable insights into social disparities in society. Check it out here...

COVID Future Survey

TOMNET researchers have conducted a panel survey to explore behavioral changes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including aspects such as remote work, air travel, and daily commuting. This survey was administered to a nationally-representative sample comprising approximately 8,000 respondents in the summer of 2020, and follow-up surveys are underway. Data from three waves of the longitudinal survey is now freely accessible through ASU's Dataverse data repository.

To learn more and download the data, click here...

Recent research: projects and publications


TOMNET undertakes cutting-edge research projects to advance the state of the art and the state of the practice in measuring and modeling traveler attitudes, values, perceptions, and preferences, and uses such data to improve the ability of travel demand forecasting models to predict activity-travel behavior, mobility choices, and time use patterns under a wide variety of future scenarios.

Explore some of our recent projects below:

  • Understanding the Impacts of Extreme Heat on Human Activity-Mobility and Time Use Patterns. Arizona State University. Learn more...
  • What Is the New Normal? An Analysis of Post-COVID-19 Commute and Work Patterns. Georgia Institute of Technology. Learn more...
  • An Empirical Assessment of the Role of Attitudes and Identification in Safety Research. University of South Florida. Learn more...
  • Incorporating Mobility on Demand Into Public Transit in Suburban Areas: A Comparative Evaluation of Cost-Effectiveness. University of Washington. Learn more...
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Journal Articles

As part of TOMNET's mission to investigate emerging mobility technologies, assess their sustainability and equity impacts, and forecast adoption pathways, our latest articles (featuring TOMNET research projects) focus on topics of autonomous vehicles and ridehailing services, in addition to the impacts of COVID-19 and post-pandemic expectations.

Explore some of our recent articles below:

  • Magassy, T. B., Batur, I., Mondal, A., Asmussen, K. E., Bhat, C. R., & Pendyala, R. M. (2023). Multidimensional Analysis of Willingness to Share Rides in a Future of Autonomous Vehicles. Transportation Research Record,
  • Wang, X., Kim, S.H. and Mokhtarian, P.L. (2023). Teleworking Behavior Pre-, During, and Expected Post-COVID: Identification and Empirical Description of Trajectory Types. Travel Behaviour and Society,
  • Luong, T., & Maness, M. (2023). Leisure Activity Variety Before and During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Focus on Temporal Stability, Gender Differences, and Social Capital. Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives,
  • Lin, J., Chen, C. and Ohay, A. (2022). Socioeconomic and Spatial Disparity of Bus Ridership Impacts in King County, WA, During COVID-19. Transportation Research Record, 
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Policy Briefs

# Polzin, S., Batur, I., and Pendyala, R. COVID Recovery? Changing Travel Behaviors? Insights From the 2022 ACS, ATUS, and CE Data Sets. December 2023. Read here...

# Polzin, S. Leveraging the Choice Not to Travel. August, 2023. Read here...

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Student Accolades and Achievements

Congratulations to Recent TOMNET Graduates!

  • Abbie Dirks - MS in Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering, Arizona State University
  • Irfan Batur - PhD in Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering, Arizona State University
  • Tassio Magassy - PhD in Civil, Environmental, and Sustainable Engineering, Arizona State University
  • Xinyi Wang - PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

TOMNET UTC Students of the Year

Abbie Dirks

2022 TOMNET Student of the Year

Nicole Corcoran

2023 TOMNET Student of the Year

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Professor Ram M. Pendyala, PhD

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