Predator Pro/Am Tour

Hi Players,   

The 18th stop of the Predator Pro/Am Tour, co-sponsored by the
National Amateur Pool League,will take place at Steinway Billiards in Astoria, Queens this Saturday & Sunday, November 9th & 10th. As always, we will use the beautifully designed  Delta-13 racks.   
The ABCD is limited to 128 players on Saturday & the Open/Pro event will be limited to 32 and will start on Sunday!   

No phone entries allowed and you must be present in line to pay your entry fee.  


Please visit the Predator Pro/Am Tour site for more information on the tour.  You can find the full 2013 schedule by clicking here!


Thanks so much for your support of the tour and I look forward to seeing everyone at Steinway Billiards tomorrow!    
Tony Robles 

Recent Winners!

Congratulations to Victor Nau for Winning our last Amateur stop! 
L-R: Victor Nau (1st) & Borana Andoni (2nd)
Congratulations to Jayson Shaw for Winning our last Open/Pro tour stop! 
L-R: Tony Robles (2nd), Jayson Shaw (1st)

From now on, ALL new players and/or players that are not regulars on the tour will NOT be allowed to compete in the MAJOR ABCD tournaments unless a verifiable handicap is established.  These rules will be implemented at the tour's discretion.  If you are new to the tour, haven't played in a recent tournament on the tour, or you are bringing someone new to the tour, we advise you to contact Finnegan or Tony BEFORE the tournament and confirm your handicap.  Otherwise you will not be allowed to play.   


The ABCD MAJOR Tournaments of the Season:
  • Empire State Amateur/Pro Championship
  • George 'Ginky' SanSouci Memorial
  • Predator Tour Finale
For Regular ABCD tournaments, any player that is unable to provide proof of a current handicap will either not be allow to play in the ABCD event or will be placed at the handicap of the tournament director's discretion upon arrival.  There is no guarantee you will be allowed to play so again we recommend contacting Tony or Finnegan BEFORE the tournament.  Remember, anyone is allowed to play in the Open/Pro event on Sundays.

Verifiable proof includes but isn't limited to:
  • Current Tour Card Listing Handicap for another Tour
  • Verification from another Tour Director or League Operator

If at any point the tour feels a player has intentionally been dishonest about their handicap level or deceived the tour in any way, the tour reserves the right to kick the player out of the tournament and will NOT refund the entry fee or registration.    


Tony can be reached by email at or by phone at (917) 202-2750. 

Qualifying for the Finale!

This season, you must have played in (5) five
events to pay the regular entry fee for the finale.  If not, you will have to pay DOUBLE to play in the event.  Please contact Tony or Finnegan BEFORE the finale to confirm your handicap for the tournament.


Special Thanks!

The tour would  like to thank our Sponsors!  A special thanks to Jerry Tarantola, Alison Fischer & Henry Chan of for all their hard work for the tour and pool.

Also the tour would like to thank Rob Omen of Pool On the Net & Ron Mason of for all they do for the tour. 
And of course, Predator Cues, the number 1 cue in the world!




To view the most recent standings available, click here!  


Next Stop Details:     
Stop #18
November 9-10 
ABCD Saturday at Noon
Open/Pro Sunday at Noon

$1000 Added
Steinway Billiards
3525 Steinway Street
Astoria, NY 11101-1415
ABCD Tournament:  
Double Elimination
Races to 7
Call 9-Ball
Rack Your Own
Winner Breaks
Jump Cues Allowed
Doors Open at 10:00AM 
Registration by 11:30AM
Matches Start at Noon
Annual $30 registration fee  
Entry fees for ABCD event:
 $80 A+
$75 A
  $70 B+ 
$65 B 
   $60 C+ 
 $55 C 
  $50 D+
$45 D


Open/Pro Event:

16/32 Player Field
Double Elimination
Races to 7 on both sides and races may be shortened if tournament is in jeopardy of not being completed before room closes
Finals One Race to 9
Rack Your Own
Winner Breaks
Call Shot/Safety
Jump Cues Allowed
No Soft Breaks Allowed 
Registration by 11:30AM
Start time 12PM
Annual $30 registration fee

ANYONE can play in the Open/Pro event.
Entry fees are based on handicap.
$100 Open/Pro

ABCD players will not be allowed to play in the Open/Pro if they are still in the ABCD tournament.



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