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Group Coaching & Other Updates
Hello!  Here is my friendly email to let you know about opportunities to receive support, coaching and networking in your career transition and/or help you maintain work/life wellness.

It's a very affordable way to work with me and also gather with like-minded folks who are on a conscious career/life journey.  Group coaching generally takes place the first Tuesday evening of each month unless otherwise specified in these reminders.
Please note that the next Tuesday Talk Group Coaching will take place TOMORROW Tuesday, June 6th from 6:00pm -8:00pm. *Please note time and location change* We hope to see you there - please make every effort to RSVP by 12 noon so we know how many and who to expect. SCROLL ALL THE WAY DOWN FOR MORE DETAILS, LOCATION & PAYMENT INFORMATION

  Your input needed please :)

Please let me know by clicking on this link and receive a bonus gift.
PLUS a $25 discount on any of my coaching services during the month of May.

Upcoming Events
Find out where Kristina will be speaking next

Spend some quality time with yourself this June identifying your purpose, improving your daily routine and learning techniques that will make your career and life the most fulfilled and least stressed it can be!

These workshops will provide the guidance and support you need to let go of what is holding you back, focus on your deepest desires and come away with a new attitude that will transform the way you think about your life and the way you live it.
*Register Now! Class size is limited in order to maximize participation and individualized attention*

***This is a great cost-effective way to work with Kristina if you've wanted to get coaching but have been unable to do a private session***

Also the workshops on 6/20 and 6/24 are great professional development opportunities, so check with your supervisor or HR to see if they will pay for you and any of your colleagues to attend.

Tuesday June 13th, 2017 6:30-9pm 
Who Are You and What Are You Supposed to Be
Doing with Your Life?     
Join career and life coach Kristina Leonardi for this popular workshop where you will re-assess who you are and what you should be doing that will bring meaning and purpose to your life and make you feel happier, healthier and more energized! Learn new perspectives about work and life and see yourself from a bigger picture, which you can then translate into re-focusing and re-invigorating your career aspirations, daily activities and future plans.

Through a combination of motivational lecture, individual exercises and group coaching, you will be inspired and empowered to uncover your unique gifts and talents and discover practical solutions as to how best use them to be more fulfilled in your personal or professional life!  

In this workshop you will:
  • Acknowledge the freedom and opportunity to manifest your highest potential and deepest desires
  • Discover your natural talents and authentic "brand"
  • Determine your ideal lifestyle and working environment
  • Create a personal definition of prosperity and success
  • Connect the dots in your life
  • Revisit your resume and beyond
  • Become motivated to pursue your passions
  • Learn practical steps and out of the box ways to achieve your mission and reach your goals
This class is perfect if you:
  • are unsatified or frustrated in any stage of your career or life
  • want to have more clarity and confidence in who you are
  • are stuck or at a crossroads and need to make a change, but not sure how or in what area of life to do so
  • feel lost and are looking for direction or wondering how to move forward
  • want to make adjustments that will increase your inner peace and outer prosperity
  • need guidance, support and resources to create the life of your dreams
Use the PayPal links below or click here for full invitation and registration

**Space is limited to allow for maximum participation and individual attention**
$55 Early Bird Rate before 6/7

$75 Registration from 6/8-6/13   

LOCATION: SLC Conference Center
15 W. 39th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10018
(If you want to feel more aligned with you who are and how you express yourself in work and life this is the class for you)


Tuesday June 20th, 2017 6:30-9pm 
Taking control of the daily grind to optimize your time and energy, reduce stress, increase productivity and go with the flow.
Whether you work 9-5, own your own business, are a freelancer, consultant, or somewhere in between, we can all benefit from optimizing our time and energy. We each have our own rhythms and needs when it comes to balancing our work and life, and can learn how to customize a variety of tools and techniques to fit whatever situation we find ourselves in order to have more inner peace and outer harmony.

Take a deep dive look at your life and gain new perspectives to create a shift that will enable you to become less stressed and more productive and fulfilled. Through a combination of motivational lecture, individual exercises and group coaching you will learn how to find a sense of calm and satisfaction in your everyday existence by taking control of your work and life rather than letting it control you!

In this workshop you will:
  • Explore ways in which you can make the most of your current position
  • Find out how to reduce anxiety and have more confidence in what you do
  • Learn how to manage your time, workload, technology and relationships more effectively
  • Discover tools and insights to give you more energy and focus
  • Examine what needs to be revised, restructured or released in your life
  • Restructure your routine to have less stress and more freedom in your days
  • Feel refreshed and ready to tackle your work and life with renewed enthusiasm!
This course is perfect if you:
  • are overwhelmed or stressed out much of the time
  • are unsatisfied, frustrated or stuck in your career and life
  • feel a need to make a change, but not sure how or in what area to do so
  • want to cultivate more balance and overall wellness and relaxation for yourself
  • are looking for clarity and direction to make your daily activities more aligned with your deeper needs
  • are ready to make adjustments that will create more peace, harmony and prosperity in your life
Use the PayPal links below or click here for full invitation & registration 
**Space is limited to allow for maximum participation and individual attention**
$55 Early Bird Rate before 6/9  

$75 Registration from 6/10-6/20  

LOCATION: SLC Conference Center 
  15 W. 39th Street, 3rd Floor New York, NY 10018
(If you missed the Spring Cleaning for the Soul seminar and/or want to dig deeper into "cleaning up" every area of your life, this is the class for you)
Saturday, June 24th, 2017 10:30am - 2:30pm  
Lead Yourself to Success (in Work & Life!)

Discover how becoming a leader in your own life translates to being a true leader at work and vice versa, regardless of your official role in either! When you define and own your unique talents, passions and abilities, and bring that understanding and enthusiasm to your work, along with practicing self-care on a regular basis, you will begin to build a feeling of inner calm and ease as you become more connected to who you are and what you do. By recognizing and exercising your innate leadership skills and becoming the boss of your own life, you will find a deeper sense of fulfillment and internal security that can weather any career or life storm. 

Using both lecture format, reflective and interactive exercises and group coaching
to tap into the ways in which you can have influence over your personal and professional life, this workshop will offer insights and tools for you to become more in touch with and gain confidence in who you are, what you contribute to your company (or the world at large), how you can better manage your time and energy, communicate more effectively, minimize stress, maximize productivity and achieve the results you desire in any area of life.

In this workshop you will:
  • Re-assess your skills, talents, abilities and values and how they align with current duties and responsibilities
  • Understand communication styles, active listening and setting boundaries
  • Build confidence, know your "brand" and find your voice
  • Find ways to exceed organizational and personal goals and expectations
  • Create awareness of daily routines and make tweaks to increase peace and harmony at work and home
  • Gain a renewed perspective and newfound energy to increase your productivity in every area of life
This class is perfect if you:
  • are unsatisfied with your current situation and are looking to realize your highest potential
  • want to take your career to the next level, or have been recently promoted
  • want to feel more empowered, confident and in control of your time and energy
  • are looking for clarity and direction in the next stage of your career or in general
  • are ready to take responsibility for your own life and make adjustments to move forward
  • need guidance, support and practical steps to live your best life!
Use the PayPal links below or click here for full invitation and registration 
**Space is limited to allow for maximum participation and individual attention**
$95 Early Bird Discount before 6/15 

$125 Registration from 6/16 - 6/24

LOCATION: SLC Conference Center
15 W. 39th Street, 3rd Floor   New York, NY 10018
(Get the best of both workshops above combined in this one plus much more!)


ALSO: In addition to the survey question:
please feel free to email me directly with the topics you would like to see more classes on. 
***As a thank you for your input, I would be happy to offer a $25 discount on any of my coaching services for the month of June ***


Missed my recent talk on Staying Motivated throughout the Job Search Process?  Watch a similar talk from back in June 2010 from the PGG video vault!

Pink Slips: How Losing Your Job is a GOOD Thing
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  Your input needed please :)

Please let me know by clicking on this link and receive a bonus gift.
PLUS a $25 discount on any of my coaching services during the month of May.


Looking for a dynamic, down-to-earth speaker for your event, organization, ERG or company?

Please be sure to let me know if you are affiliated with any group, company or organization that needs a speaker on the topics of   active listening, gender communications, career transition, work/life wellness, or employee engagement  I'd be happy to send more information to whoever the contact might be.

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PGG Personal Growth Gab Promo Video

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Muse panel clip
Thinking about working with me one-on-one?

Here are a few ways my services can help you with your career and life, as most of you fall into one or a combination of the following categories:
Executive Coaching:
Who :  Managers, Business Owners, Directors, C-Suite Executives 
What : Authentic leadership, motivate staff, cultivate teamwork, facilitate communication, inspire vision and culture, increase employee engagement, manage stress, improve work/life wellness
ROI/Why :  Productivity, People and Profit!
Career Coaching:
Who:   Career Changers, Career Climbers, Job Searchers, Moms, Dads, Grads
What:   Exploration, discovery and attainment of meaningful work and lifepath, improve job performance, professional development and advancement, enter or re-enter job force, time/stress management and work/life wellness 
ROI/Why:   Purpose, Peace and Promotion!  
Life Coaching:
Who: Anyone feeling lost/at a crossroads, unsatisfied, stressed, blocked, confused, passionless   
What: Life transitions, identity issues/crisis, body/mind/spirit wellness, authentic expression, improve relationships   
ROI/Why:  Balance, Bounty and Bliss!  
Why should you work with a coach? Many of you have seen me speak or have already worked with me, but if not, here's a clip of how I answered a question about what I offer as a coach when presenting at a recent panel discussion hosted by The Muse (Click image above for that one answer; click here for entire panel discussion

Kristina gave me permission to be myself!  I can say no other person has empowered me in that way as much as she has - and I am TRULY forever grateful for that.."  - Cherise R.

"I can honestly say that speaking to you was one of the most important events in my life. It is almost unbelievable how a 2-hour conversation can have that effect."  Bozhanka V.

Contact me by email or give me a buzz at 917-816-0834  or more information and to schedule your session today!    
Click here to get an idea of what it's like working with me. 
And more thoughts on working with me from my PGG, Strong Medicine

PGG The Book
Personal Growth Gab (PGG) Volume One
Thought-provoking, inspirational and entertaining essays to keep you connected with yourself and make sense of this journey called Life
"If you are seeking how to get centered in who you are and what you want, read this book!"  
 "I enjoy reading it as a morning meditation before the chaos begins."
  "It feels like you are speaking to your wise best friend, who knows just what to say to pick you up or offer that much needed nudge in the right direction." 
"A great way to go to bed on a positive note and wake up with a refreshing message. Definitely one I'm keeping on my night stand!"  
"Each essay is punchy and profound."  

Recent Articles I'm Featured In:

Welcome to Tuesday Talk Group Coaching! kl bw group
Please be prepared to talk about the current state of your job search and bring along any suggestions , questions or resources you would like to share with the group, as well as a notebook, pen and business cards (if you have them).

We will have a mix of men and women (anywhere from 2-8) from various industries and stages in their career so it is a great opportunity to connect with a diverse group of like-minded folks and think out of the box -- and you never know who knows who!
And of course the meeting will be facilitated by me - I will offer coaching, insights, tools and resources that can help support and guide you throughout your transition. 
Kristina has a special gift for helping people find their way in their careers and life. She has a sick sense about people and always made me feel better when I was stuck. She combines the perfect combination of intuition and career smarts in her sessions.
Her support group has been life changing and instrumental in propelling me forward
  ~ Ilana A.
I was amazed by your ability to synthesize so much information from so many completely different personalities and tailor unique homework assignments to us. I also have great admiration for the compassion and empathy you showed to everyone, your holistic approach, and your patience, among many other traits
~ Shelly C.

Please RSVP to kristina.leonardi@gmail.com . The cost is $45 payable via PayPal to kristina.leonardi@gmail.com in advance by 12 noon the day of the session and $50 at the doo r. * Payments in advance are non-refundable and cannot be applied to future sessions.

Due to construction at the Citicorps Center, we are now meeting in the atrium at
875 Third Avenue between 53rd and 52nd Streets  
(Please call or text my cell phone 917-816-0834 if you cannot find us or if are running late.)
*Please note that this is an ongoing event. RSVP's accepted up to one hour prior to the session, bu t payment in advance must be made by 12noon the day of the session otherwise you will need to pay at the door

Check out a video that features the group here
From Passion to Profit Career Transition Support Group - Episode 1
About Kristina
Kristina Leonardi is a career/life/executive coach and motivational speaker who has a proven record of getting "stuck" clients empowered to make lasting changes aligned with their true passions and talents in a short time. She provides a practical framework for each individual to make the most of their personal and professional lives, allowing them to recognize, connect to, and fulfill their role in the world at large and live with clarity, balance and direction.
For more information visit www.kristinaleonardi.com
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  Kristina Leonardi | PGG Personal Growth Gab | 917-816-0834 | kleonardi@mindspring.com | www.kristinaleonardi.com