Gold Star Family Day is tomorrow, September 24th.
Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tomorrow, on Gold Star Family Day, we come together to honor those who have lost a loved one serving in the U.S. military by lighting a luminary at dusk.
Show Gold Star Families that their Loved Ones are Not Forgotten 

Show Gold Star Families that their loved ones are not forgotten by signing the pledge.

Last year there were over 400 pledges taken and there were luminaries lit in at least 40 states with thousands of participants. So far this year we have had 738 people sign the pledge, but our goal is to reach 1,000 people by midnight tonight. Please help us honor our fallen heroes by signing the pledge now.

We urge everyone to spread the word of the Luminary Initiative in order to maximize the support for Gold Star Family Day.
Light Up Facebook with Support

There is power in social media numbers. For tomorrow evening, September 24, 2017, please change your profile image to the Luminary Initiative to show your support of Gold Star Family members. This simple gesture will let Gold Star family members know that their sacrifice is not forgotten and it will help spread awareness of our initiative.

The Luminary Initiative is an outreach program of, Inc.