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Acquiring and Distributing Knowledge                       March 6, 2019
Regarding God's Creation
TONIGHT:            Se e map below
          Are you up to date on creation science?

A lot has happened in creation science in the last two decades.
  • Many geologic rock layers extend across entire continents !
    • Many rock layers extend across multiple continents !
  • Only about 5% of fossil linages look like slow gradual evolution?
  • Many fossils remain unchanged over vast time periods.
  • Many fossil forms disappear at one time and reappear again much later.
  • It is common for land and marine fossils to be mixed together.
  • Fossils conventionally thought to be 500 to 65 million years old nearly all radiocarbon C-14 date between 20 and 55 thousand years old.
  • Oil, coal, gas and even marble still have measurable radiocarbon C-14
    • That indicates they are all less than 100 thousand years old!
  • If that C-14 is contamination, then how did the entire fossil record get contaminated in the last 50 thousand years?
All of this and more fits easily into the young creation hypothesis that catastrophic tectonic events produced a catastrophic flood that ripped up the previous environment all over the world and then redeposited that material in new places including nearly all of the fossil bearing rock layers seen today.
Geologist Dr. Tim Clarey will explain much of this in two presentations:
March 6 , 2019
6:30 pm, The Truth About the Genesis Flood
8:30 pm, Do Dinosaurs Support Evolutionary Theory?
Houston's First Baptist Church
7401 Katy Freeway at Post Oak
The Chapel, 6:30 pm
See Dr. Clarey's video clip here.
For event details, scroll down below the video.
No cost. No registration.
Bring skeptical friends, geologist and other scientists too.

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