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"Einstein's God Model"  Sci-Fi Thriller
7:00pm Wed May 24
Q&A Director & New Haven native Philip Johnson
Meet n' Greet with refreshments served
Hollywood Reporter

  APPROVED - Better See It Before It's Too Late

For thousands of years, evidence of life after death has eluded mankind. Science is about to change that. With the help of a physicist, a blind medium, and Thomas Edison's final experiment, Brayden Taylor embarks on a quest to contact his deceased fiancee. For his love to transcend dimensions, he must defy the laws of quantum physics. He must defy the balance nature demands. He must defy ... Einstein's God Model.

Los Angeles, CA (March, 2017): "Einstein's God Model" is a mind bending sci-fi thriller that explores the connection between quantum physics and the afterlife!

Winner Best Picture 2016 Comicon & Best Science Boston Science Fiction Film Festival, this independent feature film uses the science of quantum physics and string theory to take us on a clandestine adventure beyond the known universe. Director Philip T. Johnson uses love as the ultimate connection, compelling his main character,Brayden, to fearlessly trust a shadowy physicist and a blind psychic drunk who launch him 
into other dimensions in search of his fiancee.
Einstein's God Model recently won the Metaphysical Media award at the 2016 RAW Science Film Festival on the 20th Century Fox studio lot. The awards ceremony was attended by noted physicists Kip Thorne (gravitational waves, "Interstellar") and Stephen Wolfram ("Arrival"). The film also won Best Picture, Judges Choice, and Best Visual Effects at the 2016 Classic Comic Con!

Mr. Johnson, the Director of Einstein's God Model states "EGM is a mashup of classic technicolor science fiction and modern theoretical physics. We really wanted everything to have this cool pulp scifi flavor - the story, the characters, the visual effects, and even the music were designed as a nod to that cinematic period."

Geeks & nerds are discovering a new breed of independent sci-fi  filmmakers who, without studio  support, are creating original stories that kick fiction's butt with a blast of science! Producer Kenneth Hughes is a voice for independent filmmaking on the festival scene, and brought in  a deep 
bench of Hollywood talent to create a powerful post-production team. The film's amazing score was composed by Senon 

Williams of the  immensely popular band "Dengue Fever" - a darling of public radio. Erik Tillmans of Dreamworks supervised the film's groundbreaking visual effects. Naaman Haynes supervised the creation of the film's other worldly soundscape and mixed the film's sound at the legendary Technicolor sound studios on the Paramount lot in Hollywood. Producer Craig Dow of Imageworks Chicago, has over 20 years of production experience, working with such artists as Gary Sinise, Jane Seymour, Kristin Chenoweth, and recently wrapped production on "Confessions of a Teenage Jesus Jerk" directed by Eric Stoltz.

Much of the cast comes from the Chicago acting community (e.g. Second City Theater), including Brad Norman (Craig Leeham) and Darryl Warren (Dr. Carl Meiselhoff). The film also enjoyed The Discovery Channel's, Mike Turano as the Director of Photography Other facts: The production had physics professor Daniel Record (a veteran of the Apollo Moon program and NASA educator) consulting. Dr. William Rosenblatt of Yale University, contributed as the medical consultant. Using the visual effects as a character, the filmmakers went to great lengths to blur the line between science and fiction, perhaps even ... erase it?

"... an engaging mind bender" - Los Angeles Times (Noel Murray) Rotten Tomatoes FRESH!

"... this imaginative indie is bursting with ambition." - The Hollywood Reporter (Frank Scheck)

"Einstein's God Model opens a door a never shuts it ..." - Cinema On the Rocks (Ziggy)

"LYAO Comedy Shorts I"
7:00pm Wed May 31
From The Darkest To The Wackiest To The Sublime.. Don't Miss This One Time Show
"Shoot Me Nicely" Directed by: Elias Plagianos - Shoot Me Nicely starring John Behlmann, William Sadler, Linda Hamilton and Tasie Lawrence, is the story of a fashion photographer who loses his elite magazine job, plunging him into a downward spiral of odd jobs and celebrity chasing. A compromising photo of a politician quickly takes his life on a wild ride in his journey to return to the glitz and glam of the high-fashion world. "Still" Directed by: Carl Timms - A living statue entertainer is caught up in the middle of a zombie outbreak. He freezes in fear whilst everyone around him flees or dies at the hands of the attacking zombie horde. Left alone in an large open square surrounded on all sides with only his ability to stay very still to save him, he must work out a way to survive. "Glue" Directed by: Alex Mendez Giner - A bizarre misunderstanding arises when a beautiful woman happens to meet a man in a library hall. Both man and woman enchanted by each other's presence give in to a seemingly innocent flirtation. The pleasant moment quickly changes into a wacky situation when the couple misreadeach 
other signals.  "Cheaters"  Directed by: Jarrad Bhatia - Steven is married, middle-aged  and bored. Struggling to break free of the monotony of his daily life, one day he comes home early from work... with another woman, a firecracker who doesn't take no for an answer. Unfortunately, his uncharacteristic tryst is interrupted by his wife, Ruth, who has stayed home sick. Or so she says... "Going Public" Directed by: Steve O'Reilly and Co-Directed by: Andy Ferguson - Mila is still adjusting to life as an always-busy working mom. Whenever she checks social media, it seems like all her friends are checking off their bucket lists and living large, while she and her husband, Knox, are stuck in their tiny apartment, left with the monotonous daily routines of raising a two-year-old. When the two go out for a special anniversary date, the trendy and provocative restaurant arouses Mila's adventurous spirit, spurring her and Knox to search for the perfect place to publicly display their affections. Going Public is a comedy about one woman's attempt to maintain her identity and keep her love life exciting even as real life keeps demanding  more from her. "I Don't Think That's A Leaf Blower" TOP TEN Finalist in the Doritos Super Bowl Advertising Competition. Directed by: Stefano Pennisi - Two friends find a weird looking leaf blower and decide to show their friend Brian. " Tinder is the Night " Directed by: Misha Calvert - Inspired by real events, Tinder is the Night chronicles the online dating adventures of Eddie and her three girlfriends in New York City and the gorgeous, ugly, sexy, kinky, fantastically weird men and women they meet along the way. In the pilot, poor, dorky Eddie is excited about a hot first date, and her best friends try to help her comprehend the intricacies of online flirting. When Eddie gets over-anxious, her dating hopes collapse and leave her stranded in a nightmare of hot couples. It takes a run-in with an ominous night terror for Eddie to understand that happiness starts with self-love. "Don't Think About It" Directed by: Niv Klainer - Ron and Casey are expecting a child, but things get out of hand when they both try to protect each other from an inevitable break-up.
The BULLISH Farmer
Do You Know Where Your Food Comes From?
Wed June 7
6:00pm Meet n' Greet VIP Reception For All Ticket Holders
7:00pm - Film and Q&A With Director: Ken Marsolais And 
Farmer "John Boy" Ubaldo
Limited Seating. Tix $9.00 and $10.50  Trailer
Over a decade ago, John Ubaldo, aka "John Boy," a successful Wall Street investment banker decided to call it quits. Distraught over the loss of his best friend in the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, John traded in his high finance career for 185 acres of land on the Battenkill River in Cambridge, NY, to live a quiet life as a small farmer. John wanted to farm the way it was done 100 years ago, raising a variety of livestock and crops. His only goal was to raise delicious and nutritious food for himself and his extended network of family and friends. But John's dream of living an uncomplicated traditional agrarian life gets complicated when he comes up against Big Agriculture (Big Ag) and realizes that his methods are not in sync with today's prevailing agricultural methods. John, the very private farmer, becomes a passionate and outspoken activist lobbying for GMO labeling, animal rights, the preservation of crop diversity and the reduction of chemical fertilizers to help preserve small farms and rural America. 
The Lavender Scare
Wed June 14
6:00pm VIP Meet n' Greet Reception For All Ticket Holders
7:00pm Film And Q&A With NYC Director: Josh Howard
What Senator Joseph McCarthy Did To Destroy Lives In Hollywood, 
President Dwight Eisenhower Did To Destroy The Lives Of LGBT 
Government Employees Leading To A 40 Year Witch Hunt.
"We have information that you are a homosexual. What do you have to say in your defense?" Trailer

That's the question federal agents asked countless U.S. government workers in a forty-year campaign to remove gay men and lesbians from the federal workforce.

Tens of thousands lost their jobs.  And then, from a community under siege, a hero stepped forward. With the United States gripped in the panic of the Cold War, President Dwight D. Eisenhower deems homosexuals to be "security risks" and orders the immediate firing of any government employee discovered to be gay or lesbian. It triggers a vicious witch hunt that ruins tens of thousands of lives and thrusts an unlikely hero into the forefront of what would become the modern LGBT rights movement.

The Lavender Scare is the first documentary film to tell the little-known story of an unrelenting campaign by the federal government to identify and fire all employees suspected of being homosexual.

In 1953, President Eisenhower declared gay men and lesbians to be a threat to the security of the country and therefore unfit for government service. In doing so, he triggered the longest witch hunt in American history. Over the next four decades, tens of thousands of government workers would lose their jobs for no reason other than their sexual orientation. The actions of the government had an unintended effect.  They inadvertently helped ignite the gay rights movement. In 1957, after thousands had lost their jobs, a Harvard-trained astronomer named Frank Kameny became the first person to fight his dismissal.  His attempts to regain his job evolved into a lifelong fight for the rights of LGBT people. 

The Lavender Scare is a compelling story of one man's fight for justice.  And it is a chilling reminder of how easy it can be, during a time of fear and uncertainty, to trample the rights of an entire class of people in the name of patriotism and national security  TRAILER
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"Thomas Chapin: Night Bird Song"
Wed June 28
Destined to be among the great jazz virtuosos, sax, flute master and
Connecticut Native: Thomas Chapin was nearing the pinnacle of his meteoric rise when leukemia took him at the age of 40. 
6:00pm Leukemia Society VIP Fundraiser Party
FREE Donor Registration Courtesy: Love, Hope Strength Foundation
7:00pm Film And Q&A With Director/Producer/Writer: 
Stephanie J. Castillo 

Tom Chapin Night Bird Song
This 90-min. music documentary presents the life and music of 90's jazz legend Thomas Chapin who left us too soon. 

Destined to be among the great jazz virtuosos, sax and flute master Thomas Chapin was nearing the pinnacle of his meteoric rise when leukemia took him at the age of 40. Decades later, his passionate life and incandescent music continue to inspire new generations of artists and musicians. The new documentary THOMAS CHAPIN, NIGHT BIRD SONG draws an intimate portrait of a musical explorer who transcended the boundaries of jazz and dissolved the distinctions between sound and music. Because of this film, he will no longer be only a footnote in jazz. His indelible mark on jazz will be known.

"Beautifully Scary"
7:00pm Wed   TBA
a documentary film on modern, contemporary 
classical music in America
Beautifully Scary

Beautifully Scary explores the landscape of modern, contemporary classical music in America in the 20th century and beyond. The film highlights the founding and successive generations of composers representative of trends in modern classical music. Interviews with some of the most influential American composers will give the viewer a better sense of both the circumstances that shaped this tradition, and the creative visions that have emerged from it. The overall purpose is to bring greater attention to the innovative work being done, and it's importance to the fabric of modern American culture. 

The film contains a short history of modern music in America, highlighting some of the great American composers (Ives, Copeland, Cage, Bernstein) through archival photos and film footage combined with short musical excerpts. This section also includes brief references to the earlier European influences (Wagner, Debussy, Schoenberg, Stravinsky).
Using personal interviews, the composers talk about their lives and work that has helped contribute to the form. They also discuss their music, and the effect of their approaches to composition upon the contemporary music scene.

The program includes several short excerpts from performances of works by several of the featured composers. The instrumental forces range from solo and small instrumental combinations, to full orchestra, showing the broad expressive range of this unique music.
Beautifully Scary: Contemporary Music in America is a documentary film project developed in partnership between Rocky Mountain PBS (RMPBS), Beyond Definition Films, and director Russ Wiltse.
FilmFest52 Classic Cine Series
"The Third Man"
The Ultimate In Film Noir 
7:00pm Wed - TBA
Followed by discussion
The Third Man Poster
Holly Martins (Joseph Cotten), a writer of pulp Westerns, arrives in a bombed-out, post-war Vienna at the invitation of his childhood friend Harry Lime (Orson Welles) only to find him dead. Martins develops the ultimate conspiracy theory after learning of a "third man" present at the time of Harry's death, butting up against interference from British police officer Major Calloway (Trevor Howard), and falling head-over-heels for Harry's grief-stricken lover Anna (Alida Valli).

Awards and Recognition:
Grand Prix du Festival (Cannes Film Festival, 1949)
Best Cinematography, Black-and-White (Academy Awards, 1951)  Best Director, Best Film Editing nominations (Academy Awards, 1951)  Best British Film (BAFTA Awards, 1950)  Best Film from Any Source (BAFTA Awards, 1950)
Top Foreign Films (National Board of Reivew, 1950)  Official Slection, Cannes Classics (Cannes Film Festival, 2015)

Tickets & FilmFest52 All Access Discount Passes

For Tickets visit: 

Call or visit the box office at: 269 Greenwood Avenue Bethel CT 06801  203-778-2100 

Gen. Adm. $10.50   Seniors $9.00

FilmFest52 All Access Discount Passes are available only at the box office beginning Sunday, May 3rd.

The Connecticut Film Festival (CTFF) is an umbrella film education organization producing more than 100 days and nights of film screenings, industry workshops and panels, weekend festivals, a statewide films series and of course film premieres and fundraisers each year. As it enters its 10th year, it has launched new film events including: Viva Cinema Latino Film Festival, New Haven International Film Festival, NYComedy Shorts and FilmFest 52.