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November 15, 2021 – 11 Kislev, 5782 Edition
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Dear Members of Congregation L'Dor Va-Dor,

This is the final notification of our annual meeting of Congregation L'Dor Va-Dor, which will be held TONIGHT at 7:00 pm ET on Zoom virtually. You can either join the meeting via computer or smartphone, or call in via any phone.

IMPORTANT! Rules for Voting
Voting for the Board of L'Dor Va-Dor will occur anonymously via Zoom polling. ONLY ONE SET OF VOTES is available per Zoom session. If your membership consists of two persons and both wish to submit votes, then you will need to have TWO ZOOM sessions to vote separately.

No voting can be accomplished via a phone call into the Zoom meeting. To vote, you must be connected to Zoom via a computer or smartphone and have a visual screen into the Zoom meeting (see the participants in the meeting).

The deadline to receive proxies and absentee ballots has already expired, being Friday, November 12, 2021. So as of today, November 15th, all voting must be processed during our annual meeting virtually this evening.

We wish to acknowledge you all as members of Congregation L'Dor Va-Dor and thank each of you for your support and love. We hope that you will attend this important annual meeting and that you will consider becoming more involved with our congregation now when we need you the most.
November 15, 2021 - 7:00 pm ET via Zoom

  • Welcome and confirm quorum
  • Financial Update, including expenses expected for remainder of current fiscal year (through August 31, 2022)
  • Membership updates
  • Rabbi Barry’s comments
  • Announce the candidates for Board positions
  • Request additional nominations from membership
  • Candidates' presentations
  • Each candidate should share their qualifications for the Board, what they will do for L'Dor Va-Dor, and what role(s) they will play for our future
  • Membership casts votes (via Zoom polling)
  • Provide results of election, including absentee ballots
  • Operational Update
  • Committees and Leadership positions needed / available
  • Closing Remarks

Rabbi Barry Silver has created a document providing a description of the type of Judaism we practice at L'Dor Va-Dor, a rational view of Judaism that unites Judaism and science.


This is the Final Official Notification of our Annual Meeting of Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor.

On Monday, November 15, 2021 at 7:00 pm ET, Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor will be holding its Annual Congregation meeting virtually on Zoom. At this time, we will be electing officers and board members for two year terms, ending August 31, 2023, as well as providing our current operational and financial status and updates.

This meeting is important for all members to attend, if at all possible, so that we elect the right people to serve and guide the Congregation into the future. The meeting will be held via Zoom, and you can connect via computer, smart television, or any phone (the link for computer and phone connections are listed below).



The following are the current nominees for the positions noted (each position is for a two-year term, beginning November, 2021 and ending August 31, 2023):

Officer Nominations:

  • Sanford Lopater - for President (incumbent)
  • Noah Silver - for President
  • Joel Brusso - for Vice President I (incumbent)
  • Rabbi Martin Vesole - for Corresponding Secretary (incumbent)
  • Stanley Rosenwasser - for Recording Secretary
  • (no candidates) - for Treasurer

Trustee Nominations (a maximum of 6 Trustees can be elected):

  • Nancy Beyer
  • Donna Field
  • Jack Goldstein
  • Sharon Leibovitz (incumbent)
  • Marcy Weiss
  • Janet Zweiback

We are in NEED of candidate(s) for the following Officer position:


We will also consider additional candidates for any of the above Board positions, which may be nominated during the annual meeting.

If you would like to be a candidate, please notify us either by email to or by phone to 561-968-0688 and please prepare a resume of your qualifications for sharing with our membership.

All members entitled to vote must be a member in good standing as of the date of the annual meeting, November 15, 2021 for the current fiscal year (which ends August 31, 2022).

For further information or questions/suggestions, please contact Sandy Lopater or Sharon Leibovitz (see their contact information at the end of this email).

With Shalom,
Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor Board of Directors


TO JOIN FROM COMPUTER on Monday, Nov.15 at 7:00 pm ET …

OR Direct Link:
Meeting ID: 895 5850 5993
Passcode: 283162
Dial the following on ANY phone:
1-301-715-8592, then enter Meeting 895 5850 5993 and #, then enter Passcode 283162 and #
1-312-626-6799then enter Meeting 895 5850 5993 and #, then enter Passcode 283162 and #


Please see below the resumes received from candidates running for election to the Board of L'Dor Va-Dor

Sandy Lopater, incumbent and candidate for President, L'Dor Va-Dor

Bio: Sandy Lopater has been the President of Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor since 2016. Prior to this he served terms as Second Vice President and First President before assuming the role of President.

[ Sandy is a teacher at John I. Leonard High School, Lake Worth for social studies and the Holocaust and is also head of security for the iThink Financial (Coral Sky) Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach and the Hard Rock (Miami Dolphins) Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL. ]
During Sandy’s time as President he took an active role in getting the construction company to finish the buildout of the synagogue space at Boynton Trails. He spent innumerable hours installing electronics, alarm systems, camera systems etc., as well as providing security for all members attending the various functions of the synagogue.
He has led this synagogue through many changes, including the change to the current mission statement. He has also watched as many members have come and gone, while still serving the congregation as its President. He has been a continual active member of the synagogue since 2010.
Unfortunately, Sandy also had to preside over the move out of this religious space due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Re-election statements...
1. Why you are running for office?
I am running for office to continue my role as President of the organization. In speaking to many members, I have been asked to stay on as the President, to continue to lead this congregation.
2.  What you plan to do once elected
To stop the incessant spending by trying to increase membership and programs that appeal to the Jewish community.
3.  Why people should elect me?
The membership should re-elect me because I have been an active member of the Congregation for 11 years, serving on the Board for the majority of this time. I understand the workings of the Board and how to manage this Congregation into the future. To work towards healing the feelings of the membership and to rebuild the trust of membership. 
It has been my honor and privilege to serve the family of our Congregation and I hope to continue to do so with your blessing, Sandy Lopater.


Noah Silver, new candidate for President, L'Dor Va-Dor:

I am leaving for England tomorrow and I will be traveling extensively for the next few months. However, I will be available from time to time to meet by zoom.
My platform as President includes: 1) seeking to have us meet for live services by either renting and/or associating with other synagogues or organizations that can provide appropriate space; 2) reviewing all existing contracts to determine their enforceability and necessity in an effort to reduce costs, increase efficiency and hopefully improve our services; 3) working with the Rabbi to maximize his unique and innovative approach to Judaism as reflected in our Mission Statement while maximizing his and others' contacts with the JCC, Jewish Journal and local Jewish and non-Jewish organizations, in order to maximize the exposure to LDVD, and thus increase donations and membership.
I further suggest we discuss the creation of a building fund, in order to begin collecting donations for a place of worship of our own or shared with others.
I look forward to hearing the ideas and suggestions of others and working with our members to promote Congregation L'Dor Va-Dor.


A highly competent executive with diverse corporate management experience. Proven business skills include: SEC transactions, Financial & Performance Auditing, Operations management, strategic planning, management consulting, budgeting and financial analysis. Possess the ability to interact from Board Room to staff, building consensus and strong productive business relationships.

Certified Financial Manger, CFM                                                 Member, American Institute of CPA’s
Certified Management Accountant, CMA                                     Member, Florida Institute of CPA’s
Certified Public Accountant, CPA                                                 Member, Institute of Management Accountants
Masters in Accounting, Florida Atlantic University, 1995             Past member of the Executive Advisory Board, FAU
Visiting Professor, Florida Atlantic Univ. 1993-1995                    Chairman-Audit Committee Palm Beach School District
BBA in Management, Florida Atlantic University, 1984               
Chief Financial Officer
Transworld Investment Corp., Miami, FL
July 1999 – present
  • Responsible for the financial operations, information systems and audits of the company, its subsidiaries and affiliates.
  • Built and currently manage private banking and investment activities.
  • Responsible for the due diligence efforts of various investment opportunities, oversight of operating businesses, real estate investments and financial investments.
  • Responsible for and managed public equity and debt transactions; including mergers, acquisitions, financings and periodic statements.
  • Review periodic financial statements and operational reports of numerous private and public companies. Consult with management and offer financial and operational assistance and planning.
Division President, Assistant Vice President & Controller
Dryclean USA, Ft Lauderdale, FL
April 1995 -- March 1999
  • Managed Florida, Ohio and Tennessee Company owned stores (President)
  • Prepared monthly financial reporting packages for company owned stores and franchise company.
  • Designed and implemented sophisticated budgets and monthly projections for franchise and company stores.
  • Innovated several management analysis reports that significantly increased profitability and accountability.
  • Designed a comprehensive financial model for the business, from sales forecasting to contribution margin. Trained field personnel and franchisees to use this tool to understand and control their local businesses.
  • Re-staffed and trained fifteen person accounting staff.
  • Managed the IT function and directed technology strategy as well as capital investment decisions.
  • Certificate of Distinguished Performance, CMA Exam. Top ranking score in Florida, seventh in the U.S.
  • Traveled with executives and educators to the Middle East under the auspices of the State of Florida for the advancement of trade and peace, May 1997.
  • Passed all professional examinations on first sittings. 


Joel Brusso, incumbent and candidate for Vice President I, L'Dor Va-Dor:


Current VP of the Board and member of LDVD with my wife Ellie. Member of the fiscal committee and the Fund-raising committee. I believe in getting involved not sitting on the side lines. I have been very active in the Homeowners Association where I reside. Having served on the master board for over 12 years and executive committee as Treasurer. With over a $2,000,000 budget and 17 sub associations it was a lot of hard work to hold it together while maintaining all budget commitments. 

I have learned to analyze a situation to arrive at a reasonable and practical solution. Over 50 years in the corporate world has taught me how to interface with various personalities and to create reason from chaos.
         1954-1962 Northwestern University 
         1957-1959 U.S. Army School of Administration and law
I have worked in the corporate sector for over 50 years as President, CEO, Senior VP of International Operations and Director of Plant Operations for International Manufacturers. I have a vast experience in dealing in all types of negotiations, equipment purchases, budget, inventory controls, fiscal responsibility and Property management. This experience has helped me contribute to the community boards and organizations I have served on.

I am semi-retired and a licensed Realtor® in the State of Florida.
I have lived in South Florida for 50 years, 20 years in Banyan Springs. I have served on association boards for 32 years. Prior to moving to Banyan Springs, my last home in Florida was in Coconut Creek. I served as President of the HOA and Director for 9 years. This community had 750 homes, a large clubhouse and many amenities.
To serve the Congregation to the best of my ability. To make reasonable decisions in order to improve the religious experience we all desire. To work with the members of the board and the rabbi to create a friendly attitude on the board and open up lines of communication with all the members. There are many issues such as Membership retention and growth, Fiscal responsibility, Fund raising , Religious and Cultural programming, Social action, and many others that I hope to address on your behalf. I will always have an open ear to any member of LDVD. It has always been important to me to take an active role in the organizations in which I belonged. I will continue to do my best to not let you down.
Thank you for your consideration! JOEL BRUSSO


Rabbi Martin Vesole, incumbent and candidate for Corresponding Secretary, L'Dor Va-Dor:

My name is Rabbi Martin Vesole. I am a retired Chicago attorney and have been Corresponding Secretary here for the past 3 or 4 years. My primary job is to send thank you letters to people who donate money. It gets very heavy around the High Holidays, and then a moderate but steady stream the rest of the year.
I have just published a new book on Amazon called “Rethinking Judaism: What Is Needed in the 21st Century”. Most of the ideas there are similar to what Rabbi Barry wants to do, so I am interested in seeing those ideas effectuated. I also like to help the Board harmonize because as some of you know, two Jews – three opinions.
Besides the book I mentioned, I am also the author of two other books on Jewish subjects. In an earlier life, I was on the Board of Temple Menorah in Chicago for 25 years, during which time I also served as President (2 years), Building VP (2 years) and Treasurer (8 years). So I have a lot of knowledge and experience to bring to L’Dor Va-Dor as it begins new pathways into the future.


Stanley Rosenwasser, new candidate for Recording Secretary, L'Dor Va-Dor:

Born: Bronx, NY
Schooling: West Orange NJ; Grammar, Jr High, High Schools
College: University of Wisconsin- Madison
           Graduate- BA Degree Economics 1962

Business Background:
A.   Sears
1.   Sears Roebuck and Company 1962-1991
2.   Started in the Manager Training
3.   First job- receiving dock
4.   Progressed through the ranks
5.   Senior Management Leadership

B.   Mobile phone industry (1996-2021)
1.   Started with Bell Atlantic Mobile (now Verizon)
2.   Florida- Bell South Mobility (now ATT Mobile)
3.   Sprint PCS (now T-Mobile)

To The Table:
1.   Business Background
2.   Managing large numbers of people (employees)
3.   P&L responsibilities and Balance Sheet
4.   Organizational skills
5.   Solutions skills- brainstorming ideas

1.   Fighting anti-Semitism
2.   Fighting bad government
3.   Love of Israel
4.   Fighting status quo

My Eternal Lights:
           Sylvia: 06/04/2020
           Herman: 11/18/1986
           Edith: 11/11/2004


Sharon Leibovitz, incumbent and candidate for Trustee, L'Dor Va-Dor:

My professional experience:
IT professional, analyst and manager my entire career: working for Levitz Furniture Corp for 22 years, Mill’s Pride for 8 years, TBC Corporation for 16 years; Retired from TBC Corporation in June 2021

My qualifications for the Board:
I have been part of L’Dor Va-Dor now for 24 of its 25 years of existence. My husband Ed Gomez and I have been actively involved, me being on the Board and various committees and performing various congregational functions, and Ed, either schlepping for our offsite services and/or events and/or helping with the financials and bookkeeping for the congregation.

I am very proud to be a part of L’Dor Va-Dor and to represent the membership as a Board Trustee. I have served on the Board for all of my years with L’Dor Va-Dor and have also served as Vice President in the past and Ritual chair. I write and distribute the Voice email newsletters to all members and friends of L’Dor Va-Dor on a weekly basis. I administer the YouTube Channel for the congregation, managing all videos placed there. I assist with the website, posting the current newsletter and Shabbat services and other maintenance needed. I am the associate producer of our virtual and live in-person Shabbat and other holiday services. I am the coordinator for the High Holy Days, the creator of the Book of Remembrance, and the creator of the digital siddurim used for this past High Holy Day services 2021. I also manage the membership and milestone databases for the congregation, as well as various other duties and responsibilities for the congregation.

I have been a resident of South Florida since 1973 and have lived in Lake Worth for over 21 years. I look forward to continuing to serve our congregation and welcome new members to our Board and our congregation and have others become more involved to assist us in our myriad of tasks and responsibilities.

Thank you for your consideration, SHARON LEIBOVITZ


Nancy Beyer, new candidate for Trustee, L'Dor Va-Dor:

I am currently filling a vacated position on the board [since October 2021]. I also did this a few years ago for longer term.
Prior to returning to Palm Beach County ten years ago, I served on the board of Temple Israel of Highlands County, located in Sebring, Florida.
I am a life member of Hadassah. Though not currently active, I served on the executive board of the Mt. Scopus chapter for many years,before moving to Highlands County.
Prior to COVID 19, I was the person who called congregants for honors at Shabbat services [with L'Dor Va-Dor]. And, I am on the current telephone committee.
I strongly support the Mission Statement of Congregation L’Dor Va-Dor, and will work with the Committee for Social Action.

Thank you, NANCY BEYER


Donna Field, new candidate for Trustee, L'Dor Va-Dor:

I feel in order to have a great organization/congregation, we must participate and encourage other members to be active. The temple needs to have a clear cut mission and we need to provide a forum for all to be able to express their Jewish ideals and beliefs. I also believe that as a board member, I will insure that I am open to all ideas and communicate with members to hear their ideas, on a regular basis. I will have a good working relationship with other board members and Rabbi Barry. This attitude, I believe, will achieve a happy and cohesive membership.

I feel that my background , education and life experience qualifies me to be an asset to the temple board.

All Massachusetts Schools
Tewksbury Hospital School of Practical Nursing (1966) Paramedic 1975 Associate Science in Nursing (1981) Northern Essex community College Bachelor of Science (1987) Lesley University Graduate Program with a major in Human Services and Management

Work Experiennce:
Have held many positions, including chronic care nursing, ambulance, occupational health for numerous Fortune 500 companies, and have been employed by JFK Medical Center North Campus since 2004.

Community work includes many years as instructor trainer for American Red Cross.
Taught First Aid , CPR and Certified Nurse Assistant Courses.
35 years of volunteer work with Red Cross as a Disaster Nurse. Was deployed to disaster areas, across the country, to provide Health Services to both disaster victims/survivors and all Red Cross staff members. This work included opening and managing shelter operations.

Thank you for considering me. DONNA FIELD


Jack Goldstein, new candidate for Trustee, L'Dor Va-Dor:

I have been fortunate as I have had a great deal of experience serving on Temple Boards. In NY I was a board member of Temple Shalom where I ran the religious school, K - 13.
Later I was responsible for the building as I was Associate VP. About the same time I was on the board of the Castle Hill Jewish Center in the Bronx.

As a member of L’Dor-Va- Dor, Janet Zweiback and I were members of the Board and we established Chavarim. We had Sunday breakfasts, guests speakers and ran a number of other activities.

I would love to be involved with fund raising as well as chavarim [combined men’s and women’s “Friends” group].



Janet Zweiback, new candidate for Trustee, L'Dor Va-Dor:

I served on the board of my temple in Massapequa, LI. I was recording secretary and along with other board members, discussed and voted on important issues. My late husband and I ran a 56 club, fifth and sixth graders, where they met after religious school for socializing, arts and crafts and any topics open for discussion.

At L’Dor-Va Dor, Jack Goldstein and myself started a chavarim; monthly breakfasts with speakers, a 50 50 raffle, wine and cheese parties, a trip to Miami Holocaust Museum. Proceeds from these events went back into the chavarim. We started Rabbi Sam Silver’s controversial series and I participated in a candidates’ forum.

I see myself involved in fund raising projects, getting congregants, and outsiders, involved in fun and informative programs, much like Jack and I did previously ….. chavarim [a group of “Friends” for men and women], etc.



Marcy Weiss, new candidate for Trustee, L'Dor Va-Dor:
[ No resume has been received as yet from Marcy Weiss, so I put together a brief bio. ]

Marcy is a Clinical Social Work/Therapist, PhD, LCSW, CAP, SAP, CEAP.

As a Licensed Psychotherapist and Clinical Sexologist, she assists clients with a variety of concerns. Her practice assists individuals, families, couples and adolescents with mood disorders such as depression or anxiety and other concerns.

Marcy is currently filling a vacated position on the board since October 2021.
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Rabbi Barry Silver
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