QUARTER 2 | 2022
O U R | T O P | S T O R Y
Go Native! returns to KOP for another cultural celebration
Native crafts, Indian tacos and drumming among attractions

(VISALIA, CA) - Go Native! will celebrate Central California's Native American Yokuts Tribes' arts, culture and food on Saturday, May 21, 2022. The Go Native! event will take place at Kaweah Oaks Preserve. This event, with support from sponsors...

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F R O M | T H E | E. D.
On the Power of Gathering
ABOVE: Logan Robertson Huecker, PhD, SRT Executive Director.
Dear Friends of SRT:

Your support is making such an impact on Sequoia Riverlands Trust’s work to conserve the lands and waters of California’s heartland!

This Spring has been a season of gatherings, from the families and friends who came together to celebrate the high school students completing EARTH Academy, to the Evening Under the Oaks event honoring both the work of outdoor educator Nancy Bruce and the impact you have made through your commitment over the past two decades.

We have gathered with landowners and nonprofit partners to explore potential new conservation projects. We have joined with managers from water districts and groundwater agencies to support the shift to groundwater sustainability. We came together with SRT staff, Board members, and partners to tour the Atwell Island restoration project. This coming Saturday, we will gather for Go Native! – a celebration of indigenous culture and artisanship organized by our partner Jennifer Malone, of the Wukchumni people.

You have helped inspire, educate, connect, and conserve, grounding people in their relationship to these lands and waters that sustain us. When we lose touch with land, we fail to be good stewards of the resources available to us, resulting in scarcity and unsustainable practices.

Because of your ongoing engagement and support, people can connect and remain in relationship with natural and working lands through our public preserves, education and outreach programs, and easement agreements with partners in farming and ranching.

On behalf of the people who dwell on and experience the lands managed through your generosity, thank you. We look forward to seeing you at our next gathering.

With Gratitude,
Logan Robertson Huecker, PhD
Executive Director, Sequoia Riverlands Trust
S R T | E V E N T S
Alan George Conservation Award honors educator Nancy Bruce at sold-out Evening Under the Oaks
LADY IN RED: Longtime SRT Executive Director Soapy Mulholland (retired) visits with event attendees. HUMBLE HONOREE: SRT Executive Director Logan Robertson Huecker (at left) bestows the Akan George Award to noted educator Nancy Bruce.
DYNAMIC DUO: Andrew Kenefick and Sarai entertain Evening Under the Oaks guests, a return engagement for the Visalia-based duo. WINNERS: Mary Ann and Newell Bringhurst, longtime SRT supporters, enjoy their silent auction award win. QUERCUS LUMINATA: LaJolla-based lighting designer John Case lit the tree in 2020, but the pandemic delayed use of the new Kaweah Oaks Preserve feature until Evening Under the Oaks returned in 2022.
LONGTIME FRIENDS: Former SRT VP and Chief Operating Officer Todd Slinde and wife Charlotte visit with EUTO guests. GREAT COMPANY: Honoree Nancy Bruce takes her place alongside some pretty formidable names in Central California's conservation community. BELOW: 150 SRT supporters enjoy dinner by Lake Bottom Brewery.
S R T | E D U C A T I O N
SRT EARTH Academy celebrates graduates from across the region
Grads highlight year-long learning around soil and climate

(EXETER, CA) - On Saturday, May 7th, SRT's EARTH Academy EARTH Technicians completed the year-long EARTH Academy program with a graduation ceremony at SRT's Kaweah Oaks Preserve. The EARTH Academy program teaches high school students from across...

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O N | T H E | P R E S E R V E S
Cattlewoman brings smart grazing to SRT Homer Ranch Preserve
Rotational grazing eases impacts to centuries-old rangeland

(WOODLAKE, CA) - The Homer Ranch Preserve is one of Sequoia Riverland Trust's preserves spanning 1,819 acres of oak savannah woodland. At all six of SRT's preserves, local ranchers can sign a lease to graze their animals. On the Homer, rancher...

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S R T | P O L I C Y | I N | A C T I O N
SRT receives $20k grant from SJVHF
Youth empowerment, statewide policy efforts funded

(VISALIA, CA) - SRT has received a renewed $20,000 grant from the San Joaquin Valley Health Fund (SJVHF), it recently announced. The grant will support systems change work in land use policy and help us empower youth, families and schools to...

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S R T | L A N D S
SRT Carrizo habitat restoration efforts continue
Shrub farming for restoration creates robust habitat

(CALIFORNIA VALLEY, CA) - SRT habitat restoration efforts continue in the Carrizo Plain, sometimes characterized as California's Serengeti owing to its vast grasslands and diverse native wildlife. In Carrizo lands that are now owned by Sequoia...

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L A N D + I M A G E
Retrospective shows California artist Arnold at 50-year peak, or valley, depending
An artist's instinct to tell the truth isn't always pretty

(FRESNO, CA) - Fifty years is a long time for painters to reveal what they're about as artists. With his current 50-year retrospective at Fresno Art Museum entitled Reports to the Contrary: A Persistent Vision - Paintings 1971-2021, Napa-area...

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SNAGGED: Old Man of Calke; oil on linen. ADRIFT: Tempest (Study), oil on panel; 2019, by Napa-based painter Chester Arnold, subject of a 50-year retrospective at Fresno Art Museum through June 26, 2022.

S R T | A C Q U I S I T I O N S
SRT expands acreage of conserved lands
New easement increases SRT footprint in Kern County

(BAKERSFIELD, CA) - Sequoia Riverlands Trust recently announced that it has expanded its already-vast 44,000+ acre total of conserved land with a newly-acquired agricultural conservation easement in the South San Joaquin Valley near Antelope...

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S R T | A D V A N C E M E N T
By Nadia Omar, SRT Advancement Officer

(VISALIA, CA) - This April we had the chance to meet with some of you under the oaks at Kaweah Oaks Preserve to celebrate the last two decades in which this community has utilized all of their skills, creativity, and hard work to share a passion for conservation. 

By donating your time, money, energy and enthusiasm, you have created youth education programs, easements for farmers, a native plant nursery, publicly accessible nature preserves and many more programs here at Sequoia Riverlands Trust. 

You have taken on the mission of conserving the lands and waters of California’s heartland and demonstrate a commitment that has been resilient to all the challenges of the last 20 years. 

So please take a moment to celebrate the work you are doing to conserve the lands and waters of California's heartland and we at SRT are looking forward to being your partners over the next two decades and beyond.
Your contribution can make a BIG difference!