What's Happening at TOPS Veterinary Rehab
September 2016
"Open Underwater Treadmill" Therapy
Unique to TOPS
You may be surprised to hear us say our underwater treadmill is a unique treatment option here at TOPS.  After all, there are a number of underwater treadmills in the area, right?  Well, the answer is "yes" and "yes".  Yes there are a number of underwater treadmills in the area, and yes ours is unique in how it delivers and facilitates the treatment.

When TOPS designed our two underwater treadmills, we designed them not only the right way, but the hard way.  We designed them with these objectives:

  • Facilitate therapist involvement, or even multiple therapist involvement, in the water with the patient
  • Be flexible enough to use underwater treadmill or free swim the patient
  • Provide the therapist with an additional vantage point via an in-water camera
  • Put the patient in the most non-stressful, comfortable environment
  • Minimize the noise of the equipment
  • Maximize the ability of our clients to interact
  • Incorporate best available filtration and sanitation
  • Execute the treatment with the area's most experienced staff

We designed our underwater treadmills in an "open air" environment.  Just like "open MRI" enables an MRI to be done in a non-claustrophic environment, our "open treadmill" does the same.  Unlike other systems, our patients have open space in front of them, not only putting them at ease, but also enabling us to get one, two, or even three if necessary, therapists in the pool with the patient.  Our pools have in-water cameras giving the therapist an important side-view of the patient's gait so they can determine if they are using all four limbs, and using them properly.  When we have a need to free-swim a patient, we can also drop the treadmill to the floor of the pool and allow the therapist to guide the patient in a controlled free-swim situation.

When it comes to sanitation, it is understood that one dog in a therapy pool is the equivalent of 75 people, which can be very taxing on a smaller filtration system.  Our pool filtration is state of the art, capable of filtering a 40,000 gallon commercial swimming pool.  Considering the volume of the pool is closer to 1,100 gallons, you can see how seriously we take the sanitation of our pools.  As well, all of our pool equipment is out of the way, a floor below, so that there is minimal noise that could potentially startle a patient.  Our pools are professional maintained by Lakeside Pools Plus to ensure we have good, clean, sanitary water at all times.

We believe strongly that our open underwater treadmill system, along with the most experienced staff in the area, provides the most effective use of the treatment resulting in the best possible outcome.

Watch the open underwater treadmill in action by clicking the video above or clicking here.

Featured Employee: Debbie Calin
Practice Manager
A lifelong resident of Antioch, Debbie joined TOPS in 2001 as a therapy assistant.  She brought with her a strong work ethic along with a portfolio of business and management experience that contributes to her passion for quality customer care. Debbie resides with her husand of 32 years, Andy, in Antioch with Kalee, their 14.5 year old daschund/cattle dog rescue. Over the years their home has also become a haven for many of the stray felines in the area. They have had up to 10 cats at any one time take up residence, deciding the Calin home was a more comfortable place to enjoy life than out on the street scrounging for their next meal. With half the group over 18 and the younger, still maturing, half now 3, there is never a dull moment in the Calin household.

Debbie is blessed to be Bunică (Buni) to five grandchildren. With three boys, 11-16, and two granddaughters, 3 and 1.5, her human family mirrors her fur family when it comes to energy and playfulness. When you don’t find her at TOPS she is either caring for her aging parents, or on the floor laughing and playing with her granddaughters.  To keep up her own level of stamina for all this family fun, Debbie jazzercises 6-7 days a week and runs long for those causes that are passionate to her. She has successfully completed two Chicago Marathons and multiple half-marathons running in support of Oasis for Orphans, a holistic Christian orphanage in Kenya.

The hardest thing for Debbie to do is nothing.  She recently asked her parents for their advice on life. Celebrating 66 years of marriage, Dad, 88 and Mom, 86, echoed “work hard, play hard”. Debbie does just that. 
Pet Adoption Corner
Meet Fred (black) and Wilson (tabby).  These two lovable guys are the unfortunate outcome of a divorce situation, and are looking for a special place they can call their home.  They have lived together and get along well together, so they can either go to the same home or different ones.  At ages 2 & 3 they will make the perfect companions for that special someone.  Both get along well with other cats and dogs, and both are declawed in the front.  We know the right home is out there.  Can you help us find it?

For more information, contact TOPS Kennels at 847-223-2822.
Lunch & Learn
How Can We Be Of Service?
We would love to help your clinic learn more about the services we offer here at TOPS.  We have a variety of Lunch & Learn topics to help you and your staff understand when rehab is appropriate, how it can supplement & enhance the services you are providing to your clients, and what types of injuries and conditions can benefit from rehab.  Let us treat your staff to lunch and add to their knowledge base.

Interested?  Send an email to tom@tops-vet-rehab.com and we can set this up.  
Proud to Be Independent for Over 18 Years!
In these days of mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures, TOPS is proud that it stands alone not only as the leader in veterinary rehabilitation, but as an unaffiliated, independent practice.  We leave the puppy exams, spays & neuters, medical issues, and radiology to you, the referring veterinary community, where they belong.  This allows us to focus on things like physical rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation and pain management.  For over 18 years we have held a steady belief that the patient is best served in an arrangement such as this.  At TOPS we focus 100% of our attention to only the physical rehabilitation and associated services that help your patients both recover from injuries, as well as prevent injuries.

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